Contemplating "Victoria's Law"

"...The White Chamber exists anywhere and everywhere. It appears in break rooms, bathrooms, automobiles, behind closed doors, even in the great outdoors. It is always just out of earshot of unintended listeners. It’s a private space that you, as a white person, are invited to be inside of at any given moment in the day. It is in the White Chamber that you will find out the beliefs your white family members, white close friends, white acquaintances, white coworkers, and even white total strangers think you share with them based purely on your skintone. These beliefs are not socially acceptable to utter in public. But inside the White Chamber, they’re facts. It’s both implicitly and explicitly understood that you feel exactly the same way that other people inside the White Chamber feel. Your skin color is the secret indicator of that....

"White people, you’ve been here. And when you are here – 99.9% of the time it’s with another white person. You’ve been in the White Chamber with your uncles, aunts, neighbors, childhood friends – even your own parents. You know you have been, you’ve just compartmentalized these experiences to make life with these people bearable. You love these people. Being racist is bad, and you don’t want them to be bad people. You know they’re not. Your uncle helps people, even black people, hang their Christmas lights. Your aunt goes to church EVERY Sunday. Your neighbor has mixed children. Your childhood friends were friends with the same black people you were. Your parents raised you. They raised you to be who you are right now, so – they MUST be good people. You’ve made similar comments before in the past, and you know you can’t possibly be a bad person or “racist” because of it. These are the things we’re protecting inside of our minds. These are the things we want to believe are true...."

~ Victoria, The White Chamber


  1. I think Witchsistah needs a law next, but she's given me so much ish...I'm not even sure where to begin.

    Maybe I'll give her a Codex.

    Try to post responses on Victoria's blog first, please! Merci!

  2. Ankhesen, this is good shit. I'm forwarding it to a favorite professor of mine.

    And BTW, I'm following you on Twitter now (AineAtAntioch).

  3. interesting insights...

    Im headed over to read the entire post now.

  4. Thank you. And thank you for slimming that big ass post down to something that doesn't put people to sleep. I just... had a lot of things to say.

    Thanks for reading everyone.

  5. The blog goes well with what I wrote about the Privilege Mind.

  6. @ Will

    It really does! That's a nice list you've got going on there.

    @ Victoria

    'Twas very difficult to find just the right stuff to quote. There was so much good ish to work with.


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