Underappreciated Musician of Color #20: Eric Stanley

~ Special Edition Post ~

Eric Stanley is an angel.  I found him on YouTube while looking at remixes of Antoine Dodson (bows head in shame).  I heard his version, and then immediately needed to hear more.  Now I can't stop listening this right here:


  1. wow!!!!! He is really good, posting this on FB

  2. How old is he??
    I'm impressed...
    *Need to practice piano and guitar ASAP*

  3. Watching this video has made my morning. Thank you!

  4. He's young; still in college and playing for his school orchestra in Virginia. He's been playing since he was 12.

    He makes you just want to burst into tears. *sigh* Nerds rule.

  5. @ Ankhesen Mié :
    Nerds rule, indeed. They're always my first choice. Being so dedicated to something always reveals a lot about someone. Go nerds!

    I love how he can make violin sound so modern. & I'm pretty sure it only took him a few minutes to figure out the right notes. So inspiring.

  6. I guess I should bow my head in shame too, because I discovered him through the 'Bed Intruder Song'... and I have to say that what stood out to me about Eric Stanley other than the fact that as you say his sound was a.) modern and b.) not overly florid or saccharine in the way that some extremely expert violin playing *can* be - was thte fact that he was genuinely able to interpret a piece of music.


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