Not Anytime Soon

Hey, POC; remember this one?

"When are POC just going to lighten up and let things go?  Why can't they just get over things already?  It was hundreds of years ago.  Like...that was a seriously long time ago."

I'll be honest...I find questions/statements like these absolutely hilarious.  They are the classic symptoms of an ADD-ridden, channel-surfing culture.  When a person talks like this way, you know they are from of a very young country.

People of color, almost as a rule, don't think this way.  Our histories are beyond ancient, stretching back across ages.  So to us, "400-500 years" is chronological chump change; in the grand scheme of human history, it's the equivalent of last week.  150 years ago is practically yesterday.  30-40 years ago might as well be this morning.

So when white Americans ask when POC in America will "let things go", we only have one answer: not anytime soon.

1200 years ago the Arabs brought their armies into Africa.  And 1200 years later, tensions between Arabs and Africans remain.  This is just one example.  Human history is rife with them.

I've said this many times before, and I will say this again: victims have long memories.  People don't forgive and forget so easily, so Americans - and white Americans in particular - need to brace themselves.  They've got at least 2000 years of being loathed to look forward to.  This past decade alone has no doubt ensured a good 500 years of that detest.

We will now return to our regularly scheduled posting.  Up next, Anderson Cooper's "Black or White: Kids on Race".  'Cause this bull ish is ridiculous....


  1. It's nothing short of crazy that they expect us to get over that particular part of history, but expect us to remember other parts of history that has been whitewashed to falsely describe tales of glory and triumph. What I've learned from whites is that that whites hate to feel any ounce of guilt of the crimes they or their ancestors commit or have committed on P.O.C. They just want to feel good all the time like someone addicted to meth. To them the truth is a bad thing, something to break them out of their constant stupor, and they can't have that.

    I always say, "When you tell me to get over slavery, Jim Crow, and other things whites have done to blacks, I'll tell you to get over your myth of supremacy."

  2. And... what the hell do they mean, "it was hundreds of years ago"? What exactly are they talking about, slavery? Because while that is "officially" in the past (human trafficking still goes on, really) it wasn't that long ago. Jim Crow laws were very recent, so recent that there are people ALIVE TODAY who remember them. And racism is STILL alive and well. Why SHOULD POC "get over" something that's actively hurting them this very day?

    From my (European) point of view it has always seemed that the majority of USA lack a certain... sense of time and sense of history. For Europeans it's normal to retain rivalry or hate or kinship between countries for things that happened a thousand years ago. The happenings that shaped what our countries are and who WE are may be distant, but they still matter. Like, duh.

    Now, I'm not an expert on human behaviour, but as a wannabe armchair psychologist I'll make this hypothesis: the people of USA don't LIKE history. They want a utopia free of past and free of consequences and any relation to the pesky, nasty "reality" that they think only applies outside their borders. Not having to think how their country got to where it is is the very foundation of their American Dream. The only "history" they care about is super hero stories of brave and righteous white people protecting the American Way Of Life and saving the rest of the poor, uneducated, freedom-hating world as well. Because of course the other countries can't take care of themselves without an American Hero. Just watch any Hollywood movie ever.

    White USA hates history, and has for so long that they have completely lost their sense of it. So it's really no surprise that they can honestly feel that something from, say, a hundred years ago is TOO DISTANT to MATTER ANYTHING. No wonder the rest of the world sees USA as an immature, badly-raised child, at best. A badly-raised child with nuclear weapons.

  3. For POC the present is inextricably tied to slavery and Jim Crow. For whites as well, but we have the luxury of amnesia. Neither group has fully recovered from the past but again whites have the luxury of placing the blame for this on POC.

  4. Not only does America hate history lessons...White America also cannot stand to deal with geography. In their minds, I'm guessing it goes like this: "Well, I don't know where exactly Africa is, or where Britain is, and I'm not REALLY sure of where China ends and where Europe begins...and so what if I don't know there is a difference between Mainland Asia and Southeast Asia, it's the same damn area anyway...and it doesn't apply to us. Nevermind that EVERYONE else knows where America is. If we don't know where the shit goes down, then they shouldn't care what happens to other countries either."
    Let's just say that took a lot of tolerance to realize that, being the Asian history nerd that I am. Hello, White USA WAKE THE FUCK UP PLEASE!

  5. I love how they are always crowing for us to get over it, but it really seems like they can't get over it and refuse to when all the while they cling to their idea that somehow their superior.

    A mere 153 years ago in 1857 the Dread Scott decision happened. The US supreme court decided that Africans and their descendants WERE NOT protected by the constitution and would never be US citizens. Hell Jim Crow laws were as recent as 1965! My own mother can recall when her next door neighbor had a cross burned on their lawn and the entire family had to escape in the middle of the night.

    I've fully realized they don't want to bridge the gap or understand our plight, they (some) just want to alleviate their guilt.

  6. Ummm...Yeah! I just want to point out that the "O.G." white Americans came from Europe.

    I do realize that there are white Europeans that have evolved past the ignorance of racism just as there are white Americans that have but in the grand scheme of it all it doesn't always matter where the "white" comes from because "white" is usually all that is acknowledged or required in the white privilege dynamic!

    The social construct of racism--hate against black folks-- that created the horrible lives that our black ancestors lived around the world is still being endured. Until the f*cked up ideals that created this DIES... I won't be forgetting or getting over anything!

  7. Like slavery is the only horrific thing whites ever did to blacks. *smmfh*

  8. Americans hate history and are anti-intellectual. Look at how we treat intellectuals in our pop culture. Take any action movie. It's basically a dumb jock saving the day. Intellectuals are there to either help the jock by providing him with the appropriate technology to aid him in saving the day or they're traitors who can't be trusted.

    Thinkers have always been seen as suspect here in America. They are tolerated I think merely so America can claim that we got smart folks too and for the cool ish they tend to discover and provide us with. Look at how the Right always paints the "Eastern Intellectual Elite" as untrustworthy and un-American. How many of you all have been told by Americans that you "think too much?"

    And the last administration did not help things one bit. In fact, it made being an idiot laudable. Being an unthinking moron became being a "real American" just like it's become being a "real Black person." Having a President who couldn't even say the word "nuclear" properly and deriding science and math literally as Satanic really retarded American intellectual life which was already barely tolerated as it was.

  9. The lil sis had a friend over last night. Her grandmother, who's still alive, tells stories of her mother, who was enslaved. Yet this is all so distant and irrelevant.

    Meanwhile, let a WP tell you that their great, great, great, great, great, great step-grandmother was a Cherokee princess, and they'll act like that's the most relevant ish in the world. Make one false move and you better brace yourself for the WWT.

  10. Sorry, I didn't have time to make but that one little comment yesterday. What I wanted to say was that WP seriously forget the shit that followed slavery. This is from years of talks with WP.

    Ok, slavery ends, right? Blacks are given x amount of rights (whites hear this and do the Braveheart Freedom battle yell) but at the time blacks aren't allowed in the military...unless someone's losing. And then their heroics are neither rewarded nor respected. There are lynchings of epic proportion, separate but UNequal everything, Jim Crow laws, blacks not allowed to be part of the political arena, deep mistrust of blacks, thousands and thousands of children who have no fathers because they are the products of master/slave rape, and don't get started on the children of rape who made it to adulthood while still enslaved. How the fuck does someone get over that? Seneca Village, one of the first black communities established by freed slaves, is plowed over to make Central Park. Blacks move north during the Great Migration, and begin to settle in urban areas for work, but many cannot get work because whites won't hire them... until all of their asses are at war and NEED them. Later, blacks are nurturing this amazing mecca of creation in Harlem while they are forced to rent from slumlords who know the rent is being paid and if anyone complains, they have the upper hand. Keep moving forward and we get into more modern times where blacks are still discriminated against, being accused of crimes they didn't commit, and still the victims of hate crimes. And this all AFTER slavery, mind you. There are endless examples of blacks asking for and fighting for their rights to just be seen as human beings after slavery's abolition.

    So WTF is letting go of slavery going to do? When I ask this question to WP after giving that schpiel above, they are most often rendered dumb. Shrug shoulders and tell me I have "too much time" on my hands to be worrying about stuff like this.

  11. So WTF is letting go of slavery going to do? When I ask this question to WP after giving that schpiel above, they are most often rendered dumb. Shrug shoulders and tell me I have "too much time" on my hands to be worrying about stuff like this.

    Oh, God. What do you say people who do this?

  12. Hopefully, she follows your advice, Ankh and just disengages.

  13. Oh, God. What do you say people who do this?
    Sometimes I'll say something like, "Yeah, I have enough time on my hands to educate myself about other people," - something lame like that, 'cause I mean, what can you say? I've said totally inflammatory things as well. "I hope you find the a way to get some time on your hands." "Yeah, you only have enough time on your hands to update your status Facebook thirty-two times a day."

  14. @Witchsistah,

    That comment needs to be its own standalone post and and posted everywhere.

    But you know what would help POCs "get over" the past and let it go?

    Maybe white folks recognizing and taking action against the inequalities that POCs continue to face today.

    Maybe white folks stop acting like racism isn't their problem and ignoring the issue while we suffer.

    Maybe making a good faith effort to show that they've learned from the past and genuinely want to try to change for the better and for the future, might help us get over it.

    But that's just crazy talk.

  15. "I hope you find the a way to get some time on your hands." "Yeah, you only have enough time on your hands to update your status Facebook thirty-two times a day."

    Now see...that's the Victoria I know.

    @ neo-prodigy

    Indeed. Witchsistah raises an excellent. Knowledge is power, and knowledge is often kept out of the hands of Americans. And even when it's widely available, it's no use because they're already programmed not to seek it.

  16. Alexander Ahmar10/25/10, 9:41 PM

    They're at it again..except this time they've got a house negro to back them up.

    This article cracks me up and it reminds me of the "just try harder" mantra that white people love to use towards POC (especially African Americans). "I mean, don't you have bigger problems to worry about?? AIDS/Poverty/Unemployment instead of racist white folks that can (and already have) infiltrated congress?"

    No, white people, we will fix our own problems AND liberate ourselves from your "bondage".

  17. I agree with the very first post; this is why I understand why the Koreans dislike the Japanese at some level; same with the Chinese they don't like the Japanese either (the Japanese Occupation of China is a VERY good reason why to harbor hard feelings towards the Japanese). I'm part Asian so I tend NOT to think that just because it was a hundred or so years ago that ill feelings towards certain people have lifted. Because they definitely haven't which is why I understand the ill feelings the Native Americans harbor towards the Caucasians. I don't blame them; what Caucasians did to them was as I'd like to say unforgivable. Violence without reason is what the Caucasians initiated.


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