Mira's Law Strikes Again

Over on Abagond's post "Why American History Gets White-Washed", this guy from Finland is pwning the ish out of shithead trolls.  It's truly beautiful to behold.
@chuck:  “You expose yourself as the racist. You are the one taking solace in my failure – in the failure of white people. You hate this country and all that it stands for, yet you wish to take advantage of the things that it provides for you. Which is why you complain about the whitewashing of history in the first place.”

Well, Chuck, sorry to dissapoint you, but I am a WHITE EUROPEAN. :-D I know, it is a shocker for you. And just to clip your wings in the first place, I am not a french or anybody else you might think you saved in 1918 or 1945 from those evil nazis, who, by the way, were seeing the world pretty much like you. Which leads me to question, why on earth did the americans attack the nazis in the first place? I mean, they were promoting everything you are, sort of kindered spirits of youse.

I am a finn and we alone faced the wrath of Soviet empire twice and managed to survive as a nation unlike any other country with border along side USSR (check out the Winter war for starters). So we fought against the communist menace more than you and your whole familes put together and at no time a single white american or brittish came to our aid in our time of need. One black guy did though and actually fought in war. So you can save those “we bailed you out eat freedomfries” jibberish. :-D

In Europe we have a public healthcare in most countries and it is working mostly satisfactory BUT – TADAA! – we have private healthcare system working aside too! So we have both here! You can choose from them anyway you wish. :-D

Now that must be better than your system, where not even an insurance guarantees healthcare. Insurance companies in USA have people who can deny anything they wish if the company wants to make more money and pay less out. it has happened, it is happening and nobody cares. Only money does.

“Instead, you could just understand that black people didn’t have the modes through which to transform history. This isn’t a knock on black personally, its just the truth. Why make something of it?”

Well, Chuckie, I have to disagree on that too. See the blacks in Africa had goldmines and diamonds and silvermines and all kinds of trinkets that the white supreme being wanted. So the white supreme being went over there and stole all that. Africans also had slaves, so the white supreme being went over and showed his inventions on that too and commercialized the trade into truly global business. See, Chuck, the black DID change the history even trough these. :-D They did not get any Nobels for these though…

“Western civilization begins with the Greeks and spans over 3000 years. The Greeks (who were somewhat influenced by the Egyptians who get plenty of air time in history classes) gave us many of the concepts of philosophy and mathematics that we have fine tuned to shape our modern world.”

Well, Chuck, those greeks did not want to be your white europeans at all. In fact they had a word for all us all, which according the legend, came from our languages. Those acient greeks with all their philosophies and sciences used to call the Northern white europeans Barbarians. :-D Now, I assume you know the meaning and concept of that word.

“So when you tell the story of history you have to eventually mention the Greeks and the Judeo-Christian tradition and the Middle Ages and Charlemagne and the Renaissance and Reformation and Enlightenment and the birth of Democracy. If you’d rather divert to other things that really had no long-term effect then your story wouldn’t be quite so effective. ”

So called judeo-christian tradition is the biggest reason for the intellectual abyss we white europeans lived for centuries, say up to the Enlightment. It was the church who managed to destroy most of the intellectual heritage of the greeks and those before them. Actually, the christians tried their best to destroy all that knowledge for centuries. It was heresy to know anything. Knowledge was from that chap devil, you know.

And the reason for all this pogrom? The acient texts showed that there was nothing new in christianity philosphically. Some text even showed that Jesus was just a jewish guy, a teacher and a rabbi, perhaps a true contender for the crown of the jewish people, but just a man. Not a god, semi god or anything like that. Therefore the christians and their church did their best to destroy any trace of the wisdom of antiques. It was the arabs who saved most of what we know now. Ain’t that a bitch? :-D

Birth fo democracy, yeah. Did you know that they had a democracy of sorts in Iceland few centuries before USA? No? Well, we had it too. Every county had a meeting called Käräjät, where the spokespersons from each family met and discussed such trivial issues as war, laws and such. This was the practise for centuries among the finnish tribes. That is, before the christianity came with its concept of freedom and enlightment: kings and taxes, subjacation, slavery, control, heresy, burnings at stakes, torture for ones beliefs, witchcraft, sin and satan and all those other wonderful judeo-christian traditions. These latter ones did not exist before the christianity up here north among us white europeans.

“News. America will remain a superpower; China will recede. There’s no way a country of 1.4 billion remains intact as its economic needs grow. Mix that with the whole coastal versus agrarian dynamic in that country; China in its present state won’t exist more than 50 years. America, though, is positioned well. First, we have access to two oceans. This is very important.”

I assume that saying America you mean USA? Well, I got news for you Chuckie. Your whole nation has no money at all. It is all borrowed :-D You understand? You have no money, period. Your government stands only because those frigging chinese are lending money for it. Your economy is in much worse condition than the famously chaotic russian one. That should make you think twice about history, Chuck :-D .

If the China, as the major money lender, would call in its loans tomorrow, USA would stop to exist. There would no money for any troops, for any state or government salaries. Not a single cop, official, soldier, nurse, doctor, teatcher, pilot, air controller would get his salary. Now you can only imagine where that might lead into. I seriously doubt USA could survive that.

The only thing, the only thing at the moment, that keeps US as a super power, is your nuclear arsenal. That is all you guys really have. Period. And ok, effienct agriculture, for now.

The problem with your view of history Chuck is that it is what is called eurocentric. Like you can see the flaws in afriocentric or sinocentric history, yours is also flawed. First thing you must understand is the historical fact that the story of the white victory was written afterwards, it was invented as a cohesive story. For example, Charlemange was a nobody from the arab and chinese perspective. I doubt if anybody had even heard of him in Indian states.

1500′s the chinese saw the whole Europe as the lands end, the most furthest shit hole of the world. It was full of plague, wars and very dirty and uncivilized people. There was nothing the chinese needed from Europe. They could sell to those stinking crazies some stuff, but they did not need them nor there was anything the europeans could give to the chinese. That was how the chinese had looked europeans for centuries.

That changed only in 1800′s. And why? Because the white supreme being wanted to make really big money from the opium trade :-D Did you know that, Chuckie? Yeah, the international drug trade begun earnest with the brittish opium traders. The thing would be similar like the colombian cartels would show up into your shores to sell drugs by tons of it and make billions with it. But, wait a minute, they are allready doing it!! Darn! :-D

USA is a very young nation and country. Very young. It has been around only couple centuries plus. That is very short time in history. I, for instance, live in a city that officially founded in 1500′s. There is a city in Finland that existed at least in 1100′s. And Finland has never been urban society untill last few decades. This kind of knowledge gives one a different perspective. Nobody can say that USA will endure say next two centuries. At this moment it is up to your creditors.

Understand what I am trying to say? History is not a victory lap for the USA, no by a mile. I know that american history as it is presented to you tries to tell you that. It tries to convince you that somehow there is a white line of heritage from the acient egyptians to you guys. Well, there is none. You are not the princes of Egypt. Or anything else. That is why this post is talking about white washing the history in american schools etc.
And this right here:
@anon: Well, if you deny that africans had an impact on the history, I can only say that I do not know what history you talk about. The history of the Moon?

For starters you might think the few million blacks in the US. They, of course, shaped the whole economy of the whole South by working as slaves and they, of course, were one of the major causes for the US civil war, so I think they had some impact on US history on that account alone. Blacks, that is the guys from Africa, you know, have done much more than that to the whole american culture. But I guess that is not history, is it? :-D

And if we really go down the history and think about did africans have any impact to the history of this planet, well, lets just say this: humanbeings came from Africa. That is really embarassing for the supreme white man, who came from there too :-D

It just pointed out the US economy for Chuck, because he seemed to belive that USA is somehow outside of the forces that shape the history of the mankind. Like I said, the chinese could end it all next week, if they wished to do so, simply by calling back their loans. Add to that the capital the japanese and arabs have poured in to the USA and which could be withdrawn at any time, you have a one nation which is really standing on eggs. And that is American history too, right now.
*is dead*


  1. Oh, I want to share this with all my conservative friends! It's amazing how many non-U.S. Americans there are that know more about the U.S. than native-born citizens do.

  2. CANNOT stop reading and laughing at this ish. Mofo shut that thread down.

    His historical perspective is very much like the one I had when I was a child in Cameroon learning world history. This is a perspective echoed in schools throughout nations of color.

    He also writes:

    "(Chuck)its the same concept as the philosophical query: if a tree falls in the woods does anyone hear it?

    No, but it did fall. Right? Get it? If you have not heard of something because your teatchers and buddies don’t know any of these, it does not mean they did not exist, that they were in use in some cases for centuries etc.

    See, your white eurocentric world is very young, only some three, four hundred years old. Actually the hegemony of the west can be traced from 1800′s on. Before that the white european male did not rule the world with his superb inventions and war making abilities.

    I understand that for a young guy like youself that seems to be like for evah, like you know, like a for a very many long time ago. But from the chinese perspective the domination of the west is just passing thing. They were the center of the world for much longer time than the west has been even counting from the romans and the chinese believe that tide is turning by now.

    This may come as a shock for you, but the financial markets are already moving out. Dubai just recently passed London and New York, not to mention smaller european places, as The capital Capital of the world. Even the swiss banks are loosing out for the arab banks. That sucks doesn’t it? It is like 1500′s again, darn!

    Manufacturing is already mostly in Asia. India has one billion citizens and China too. Those firggin muslims are breeding like rabbits. 1970 there only 50 million pakistanis, but now the population is 150 million! All that despite of floods, earthquackes, hungers, deseases and assorted catastrophes. What you gonna do? Go to war to retain the western hegemony?

    Well, you are already doing it and let me tell you, buddy. You are not winning at all. And that is despite the fact that you are a white male, not european that is, but white american male."

  3. Girl, sam broke it all the way DOWN!

    And if you think White America is losing its shit now because we got a Black president, wait till all this shit REALLY hits the fan. We're already becoming more and more insular and uninterested in what's going on outside our borders. Better to maintain the fiction that "We're still Numbah ONE!" at least in our own minds.

    And of course White America is blaming/will blame all of this on the increasing numbers of PoC in this country. If they were at all smart, they'd utilize this as a way to build bridges and alliances with various countries. More PoC, including immigrants means more folks who have family and other ties to the outside world and other countries. More folks who can make those alliances.

    But no, White Americans are more concerned with being on top of the world. They long for the Cold War days when the currency of being a White American had way more weight than it does now. If they could turn the clock back to 1953, don't doubt that they would

  4. @ Witchsistah

    This part kills me:

    "What you gonna do? Go to war to retain the western hegemony?

    Well, you are already doing it and let me tell you, buddy. You are not winning at all. And that is despite the fact that you are a white male, not european that is, but white american male."

    Talk about rubbing salt into the wound! Broke it down and shut it down...you see how they've hesitated to respond, right? I've been watching that thread all day and he made them mugs cautious.

  5. A sheer joy to read. I need to take notes for the next time I get brave and delurk on a larger, troll-filled blog.

  6. How did I miss these comments?

    (I guess I stopped reading the topic after Chuck's arrival... My bad, my bad).

  7. I know some of you asked me to lurk but fuck it.

    "More PoC, including immigrants means more folks who have family and other ties to the outside world and other countries. More folks who can make those alliances. "

    I agree. And even within America itself, if this country is going to be strong again we (WP) need to stop isolating ourselves from POC and withholding privilege.

  8. So the question I want answered is, IS SAM SINGLE?!!!!!!

  9. Yes, but is it likely? Doubt it.

  10. @ MOi

    I don't know, all i can do is do me and hope for the best.

  11. Shit!...I think I'm in love!

  12. such great PWNage makes me smile

  13. Well, then jas0n, we may as well call it a wrap for America then and just settle into the status that Europe held post WW2 (if we're REALLY, REALLY lucky) because I don't see WP sharing power anytime soon. In fact, like the article in the Village Voice, I see American WP going absolutely batshit insane that they no longer live in the world of 1953. Like I said, American Whites are too concerned with trying to remain at the top for any of that consideration.

  14. And if POC up and left tomorrow, I think China would choose to call in its loans right there and then. China should've just kept its money. And yes, I'm well aware we'd be having a rough time, but "having a rough time" is not new for poor people and POC. We'd most likely have the smoothest adjustment.

  15. Oh and jas0n, further proof that White Americans are not shaping up any day soon:


  16. oh man.

    "Caddell plans to be on nearby James Island on Saturday for the wedding of a friend who is black. She tearfully told the town council earlier this week that she is not racist."

    waaaa i'm not a racist I have a black friend

    and this happened recently close to where I live.


    So yeah, It's not like I'm convinced we'll be holding hands singing Coombyah any time soon.

  17. Alexander Ahmar10/16/10, 12:05 PM

    @ Witchsistah


    Now I bet if it was a Nazi flag flying high, white folks wouldn't take so kindly to it. They are hypocrites.

  18. All I could say is DAMN! Sam truly did pwned Chuck. lol

    Sadly, there are numerous whites that prefer their version of history, which are told as stories of honor and descency (lol), instead of the cold, hard truths.

  19. The vindictive bitch in my says that the Solari need to make that so-called "neighbor"'s stay a very unpleasant one, LEGALLY.


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