Emigration: Swaziland

Demonym: Swazi
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Neighbors: South Africa and Mozambique
Population: 1.185 million
Currency: Lilangeni (SZL)
Official Languages: English, SiSwati
Economy: Forestry, Mining, Manufacturing (textiles & sugar-processing), Agriculture

Swaziland is home to the "Rebel Princess", Her Royal Highness Sikhanyiso Dlamini, who infamously denounced polygamy to the press (*applause*).  Only 6,704 sq mi, this tiny nation achieved independence from the British in September, 1968, and while that in itself was (and still is) cause for celebration, the nation still has a few problems which could use some innovative solving.

The Swazi are hindered by HIV, low agricultural productivity, low investment, and inefficient government resulting in deficits.  Much of the country is mountainous, and droughts have been a problem.  However, the infrastructure is decent; the roads linking it to South Africa are reportedly "well-developed."

Mbabane, the
administrative capital
Recommended For:
Medical Practitioners

..and basically anyone with frontier spirit.  This is a nation for the fearless and the creative.  Investment is a major issue in Swaziland, but note that 1,000 SZL = USD$142.84.  Meanwhile, black American buying power is currently around USD$913 billion, and estimated to jump to USD$1.2 trillion in 3 years.

Couldn't our money be better spent?

Links of Interest:
University of Swaziland
Official Site for the Kingdom of Swaziland
Federation of Swaziland Employers & Chamber of Commerce
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  1. i know many people from there and they love that place. They say is very safe, everyone knows everyone, and they take it really slow and easy in that country.

  2. They say is very safe, everyone knows everyone, and they take it really slow and easy in that country.

    I imagine they would!

  3. Yes, yes keep it coming. I'm trying to get the fuck out of here! The fact that you exist and publish this blog brings me tears of joy at times!I wish my sister was like you! She has money and education but she's become brainwashed by american propoganda and capitalism. I am also working on becoming a medical professional and I want to work somewhere independently. Hopefully with other people of color. And when I leave I'll forget that I even lived here.

  4. I really need to cultivate my entrepreneurial spirit. I feel like the American education system trains us to work for others and not for ourselves.


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