Emigration, a Series

HRH Princess Sihkanyiso
Consider it an emergency feature.

Black women, really, seriously, trust me...you don't have to be here.  Granted, a process like emigration isn't easy...but not altogether impossible.  But before we start this new feature, we need to get a few things out of the way.

This is for the business-minded black woman

This is for the black woman with vision, with creativity, and with know-how.  She doesn't have to have a Ph.D., but she can't be afraid of hard work, and by now she should be used to a complex working environment.  She has to have the drive to create, and the savvy to problem-solve.  She needs big-picture mentality.  She needs a global view.

Africa is the primary focus of the feature

Black women...home is calling.  You've been gone far too long and since all your ancestors ever wanted was to go home, it's time to think about it seriously.  The very best years of my childhood were spent in the Motherland, and to be honest, I never forgave my parents for moving me back to the US.

The first countries I shall explore will be African nations where English is an official language.  I intend to explore countries outside Africa as well, but not many, and not anytime soon.  Africa is the primary focus here.  And I don't mean for visiting or touring; I mean for settling down, creating, and building.  The world is changing, ladies, and as a group, our future isn't here.

Comment sterilization will be even tougher with this feature

HM Queen 'Masenate
Mohato Seeiso
I'm not interested in black women crying that "my country 'tis of thee" nonsense.  This is not your country.  I come from a colonized country, I saw how it wrecked my people - you do not want to be party to that.  Not when your ancestors and current distant kin suffered similar horrors.  There is no reason to cling so desperately to these disunited states, accepting decades to centuries between "victories", and raising your kids under a system which deems them subhuman and ultimately expendable before they're even born.  No one should have to deal with that.

You're not conceding defeat

President Ellen J. Sirleaf
Many of us have been told "go back to Africa", and it's always by people who should be busy hauling themselves to Europe.  You're not admitting defeat by considering relocation.  This isn't about winning.  This isn't about "showing up" someone else.  This is about you.  This is about strengthening you, broadening your horizons, and reinstating you back in "the line" where you belong.

I have been told many a time on this blog that interacting with me is a "learning experience."  Thank you; I've learned very much from you as well.  It's been a while since we really learned something together, so let's learn together once more.

In the meantime, here are some African women you may or may not know.  Hopefully, getting to know them will inspire you to get to know some more.


  1. I have always known that after i finished school and paid off my loans(which is not much) that there is NO WAY i would live in this country, Unless A REALLY REALLY good reason presents itself in the future.
    I'm glad your doing this, look forward to reading on each country.
    Africa truly is the future seriously, thats why China is trying to take over.

  2. Even if your loans aren't much, hon, move anyway and pay them off from another country. Something tells me you'll pay them off faster than you'd think.

  3. Oh im definitely moving back to Nigeria once im done with grad school next year. I can pay off my student loans from there. I have given over 10 years to this country...i need to go back home or i will go crazy.

  4. Excellent post. Every word here is absolutely true. I actually applied for an accounting position back home in Jamaica. Awaiting the short listing...

    (Thanks again for the earlier "release" Ankhesen-I made some hard choices as you can see and I owe them to your feature forcing me to face reality)

  5. THANK YOU!!!!!

    I can't tell you how much I want to relocate to Canada and everytime I mention it, I catch the same bullshit you're discussing in this post. Folks try to gaslight me into thinking I'm crazy for wanting to move somewhere where I get to be treated like an actual human.

    I look forward to this series and will be taking notes. Don't be surprised if I'm asking a lot of questions too, you know to learn and formulate a game plan.

  6. :D so you're exploring Kenya as one of the first!
    Oh and HI!
    Been a long-time lurker, so here's my first post.
    I'm Nameme (nah-may-may).

    I must say, that even though I'm only 17, when I lived in Kenya I had a great great time.
    Everything was just... go with the flow.
    OR maybe that's just when you're young I don't know.

    I'm so glad I have dual citizenship (US and Kenyan) so that I can pretty much go back anytime.
    I find US to be a bit too organized/uptight sometimes.

  7. @ neo-prodigy

    Did you know gay marriage is legal in South Africa? I did a post on it before. And we have female rulers, both traditional and modern.

    I wonder when America is going to be able to make the same claims.

  8. The same South Africa that America constantly brags about being more progressive than and superior too?

    Words....I have none.

  9. @ neo-prodigy

    The one and the same. Eye-opening, isn't it?

  10. My best BEST friend, a beautiful Rwandan woman whom I consider the older sister and mentor I never had, has been telling me this so many times...how empowering and eye-opening it is for an African American woman to take a trip to Africa...just to SEE and be able to BELIEVE that you, as a Black woman, can be appreciated and treated like we were always supposed to be...
    So it looks like my next trip after Japan is gonna have to be the Motherland ;)

  11. You're not conceding defeat

    When an American Black person expresses a desire to expatriate, we get the "You're letting the bigots win" line or something with that message.

    You're right. It's bull. It's trying to have a relationship with people who don't want one with you. If you were chasing a man who didn't want you, you'd look like a fool to continue after his ass. It's not about "winning." It's about dignity and self-respect. If you conceded that he just isn't the man for you and moved on, you'd at least look RATIONAL.

    BW are not conceding defeat by giving up on interacting or dealing with people who refuse to see us as human and taking ourselves OUT of that environment.

    Ankh, you and many of your commenters have dual-citizenship already. But what about us AAs that don't? We need a game plan if you plan to move to another U.S. city (have a job already lined up or hella savings if you don't, place to live, etc).

    How do you get work in another country? I know many Euro nations have strict work visa regulations that mostly bar Americans from working there unless they were transferred in by a multinational country (i.e. the company you work for has an office or branch in a foreign country and want you to work there). I can understand why. They don't need a bunch of Americans coming in and taking jobs when 1) their people need them more and 2) we can get comparable work in America.

    Also, what are the regulations for applying for citizenship? Many countries are wary of Americans applying for citizenship.

  12. @ Witchsistah

    I don't have dual citizenship. Hence my still being here.

    Also, what are the regulations for applying for citizenship? Many countries are wary of Americans applying for citizenship.

    Depends on the country. I'll be posting important links for each country. And yes, they're wary (and rightly so). With African nations, the popular questions will be, "What do you bring to the table? Are you here to invest and build, or are you just another tourist?"

    I will also post career recommendations for each country (people, feel free to add additional links and recommendations). Readers can review their skills, resumes, and education while they ponder where they want to go and what they'll want to do with their lives there.

  13. @ Witchsistah

    I think another point to realize is that there is ALOT of room in many African nations to start your own business and be very successful. It can start off small and grow large over time. White people from Europe and America have been doing this for sometime now.

  14. And the Chinese are doing it now.

  15. i actually think having your own business is the best thing to do in most African countries, plus you create jobs for locals.

  16. It's certainly what I'm hoping for.

  17. Ankh,

    The Chinese are all up in Africa and not necessarily as exploitative conquerors like the Europeans were. The Chinese are learning about winning the "hearts and minds" of people. The U.S. mostly staying out of Africa and basically seeing it as "the land of the niggers" has lost them those African hearts and minds. China will get love and loyalty from Africa. The U.S'll be ass-out.

  18. Btw...I don't think some of you realize the post on Swaziland is up. It's right after this one. Need a liiiiiittle more discussion before I post the next country. Otherwise I'll just keep putting up posts of African women.

  19. Africa is indeed the continent of opportunities.

    Apparently, even Europeans (which consistently depict our continent as some kind of hopeless economical failure) eventually got a clue:


    The fact that we are still poor countries makes it easy to overlook that other fact that several African countries have high economic growth rates. According to Donald Kaberuka, president of the African Development Bank, economic growth in Africa should reach 7% in 2011.

    Did you know that Ethiopia - which appears to be the epitome of poverty in the collective western mind - consistently sustained double digit growth rates in the past decade?

  20. @ Dahoman X

    I'm not surprised and I don't think the fact we don't hear more about it is due to American denial. I think it's the same reason Asians are still invisible on American TV, even though China owns this country. It's an attempt at rejection; Africans don't want anymore western influence in their cultures, religions, politics & economics. America knows it won't be getting the red carpet there anytime soon, so it tries not to let its citizens know what's up. You know...to keep them here.

  21. Btw, peeps, a special Emigration post on Gabon is up.

  22. Ooops!! I posted the wrong link in my previous post.

    Ankhesen, could you please replace it with this one?:


  23. Have you heard about Fihankra, Ankhesen? I went there with five other Black women from Howard in 2008 (and other people, but we ignored them).

    They will GIVE you land in Ghana. It's part of an effort by leaders over there to make amends for their part slavery. (Now if only certain goverments would follow their lead...)

    Here's the link to it: http://www.fihankrainternational.org/

  24. Queen LumiNoir9/11/13, 2:47 PM

    A rant I wrote but figured would be an excellent response...

    Quite frankly, when white people say go back to Africa, it's a fuel for me to want to do just that. And when black peole take that advice and there are no more in the US, they'll be begging to have us back. Their country will fall without the people of color, in all honesty.

    People of color in general are the reason behind the US's "prosperity" Africans, Mexicans, and Chinese people literally built the US as we know it. The country truely belongs to the natives and it's being funded by China. Yet they have the AUDACITY to tell US to go back to our ancestral homes(when they never should have taken us anyway)Okay then. The natives are already in theirs, black people have Africa, Asian people have their respective countries in Asia. All that's left is them going back to Europe.

    But before they ever think of doing that they'd rather try to get us back once they see us setting up businesses and doing our thing. People of color ould be better off without white people, but they would certainly be miserable without us. They'd have no one to make fun of or appropriate. They'd have to seek us out (and if more countries with people of color follow the footsteps of Gabon, there would be no problem with that)

    The order of whiteness being nothing of interest would be restored and we's be much, much better off--people of color, I mean.

    Sorry it's a bit wordy. :D


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