Undercovers...WTF Happened?

"Undercovers lacked palpable action, witty dialogue, genuine intrigue, characters we give a damn about, and um, chemistry between the leads.

"...I'm sorry guys, (Kodjoe and Mbatha-Raw) I really wanted to like your show. I'm so happy to see you on my little screen, but it's gotta get better because we don't [need] NBC to use this as an example that black people and black shows just don't work on network television. We do, it just needs to be done right. So though I congratulate NBC for airing Undercovers, I will celebrate if they don't snatch it off the air, give it a chance, do a Tim Gunn, and 'Make it work!'"

~ Cocoa Popps, Huffington Post
Damn, Mama!

But seriously, Abrams?  Seriously, dude?  I'm getting really tired of people hypin' you.  You better watch that ish before you become the next M. Night Shyamalan....

I also had a really hard time watching this show with its cliche-riddled plot, sixth-rate acting, and blasphemous waste of perfectly beautiful black people who were simply written as white folks dipped in watered-down chocolate.  And what's with NBC's "More Colorful" theme?  What...the fuck is that about?


Abrams better fix this and fix it quickly.  I don't want to have to start a "How Undercovers Went and Fucked Itself" series a la FlashForward.

But enough about Moi.  What did y'all think?


  1. So utterly disappointing. I'm actually confused, is this the same JJ Abrams who did Alias, Lost, Fringe? Not saying his other shows haven't had issues, but one thing you can say is that there is genuine excitement, at least at the beginning of the series before he loses interest.

  2. I know, I watched the first ep and it did not pull me but I don't like the whole spy genre.

  3. seriously this season sucks. I was looking for shows with black women and couldn't really find any that i like. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/23/fall-tv-2010-thursdays-pr_n_735378.html#s143570

    When will this change? Sometimes i wish i went into screenwriting or something instead of engineering. I would fully support anyone out there, with that mission, in every possible way.

  4. I haven't watched it yet (it's on my DVR now) but I was REALLY looking forward to it. =( I'm disappointed to read this; I hope they fix it fast, too. I'm definitely still going to watch it and I will as long as its on the air.

  5. "...its cliche-riddled plot, sixth-rate acting, and blasphemous waste of perfectly beautiful black people who were simply written as white folks dipped in watered-down chocolate."

    I so agree. I tried to watch but I really couldn't be bothered.

    NBC is just as LOST as all these other entertainment entities that try presenting what they consider to be the most benign form of "blackness" they can in order to appeal to mainstream (i.e. white people) and supposedly appease us complicated "monolithic" black folk. Whateva.

  6. @ Black Butterfly

    Pretty much. They seem really terrified of having POC run their own damn shows.

  7. I downloaded and tried to watch it... hmmm... Boris makes for a hot piece of ass and that was pretty much all I got out of it. For some weird reason, I was desperate for Lee Thompson Young to show up.

  8. I was desperate for Lee Thompson Young to show up.

    Girl...*fans self*

  9. I like the show, but it needs to get more exciting, im not sure how they can do that though. Adding Lee Thompson YOung would def help. I'm just glad that TV is featuring beautiful black lead roles. Next up a beautiful dark skin women having a lead role in a show like this would be nice.

  10. black shows dont work. it would be one thing if they took an acyually good-looking cast (obama is not beautiful) and made a regular show, but when pple judge a show based on race abd not on content, it suffers. we dont need tyler perry. we need black twilight, black icarly, u know, mainstream fixtures that happen to star minorities. all these shows r not representative of america, and yes we want more. asians, indians, eastern europeans.... its about time these pple got a fair shake in the media. wait, what do u mean "these people" lol

  11. M, are you quoting someone?

  12. Should I download episode two or not? If it's more of the same and Lee Thompson Young hasn't shown up, I might pass. I can't contribute to the ratings anyway.


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