I tried getting a discussion going about this video a few months back on my LiveJournal, but people could barely make it through the first 20 seconds without spewing a fountain of vomit.  Do these girls remind you of anyone?

This is what I'm talking about.  It's not that these girls aren't thinking things through; they think about them all right, and they don't care.  Their society has taught them they don't have to care, because no matter what they do - or to whom - the consequences will be either mild or altogether nonexistent.

Notice their indignance when they got in trouble.  They acted as though something's wrong with the world for holding them accountable for their own actions.  Sound familiar at all?

And notice the passivity of the reporter.  "Some people mighty say...?"  When confronting two young women for stealing $150 from a 9-year-old, there should be none of this sugarcoating.  You didn't see the women sugarcoating how they felt about the whole sitch.


  1. Hey, although it sickened me to hear what these girls did and from what they said about it, I was glad that an outstanding good example of the white privileged mind is exposed.

  2. I agree with ToddRodd. This is a great example of the white privileged mind being exposed!

  3. I think the passivity of the reporter is actually a clever tactic. Her simple questions and lack of aggression allow the girls to express what they really think without getting overly defensive - which means that we actually see what their thought process is like. Their stupidity and psychopathy speaks for itself!

  4. @ Eurasian Sensation

    It's an unintended side effect, I think, because had the girls been of color the "interview" would have gone a totally different way.


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