Leann Johnson is Too Damn Nice

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Vancouver: African-American woman went into hiding after acid attack
An African-American Vancouver woman went into hiding after she saw a composite drawing of the suspect in the reported acid attack across from Esther Short Park.

..."Actually, that first weekend after the drawing became available," said Leann Johnson, "I went out Friday night and did some shopping and didn't go out the rest of the weekend because I was concerned."

After that, Johnson said she was "hyper-vigilant in terms of my surroundings and awareness."

Johnson said she noticed people would pause and look at her.

"I don't know what their motivations were around that," she said of people looking at her, "but I did feel vulnerable, and I was concerned that I would be either asked or accosted in some way."

...Johnson’s reaction to Storro’s parents’ apology is, “If it’s intended for somebody like me who felt vulnerable as a result, then yes, I accept the apology.”
Needless to say...I would not.

This woman had to put her daily life on hold and flee because some bitch made up a horrendous story.  And no, we can't look over the racial aspect of this.  Vancouver is 84.81% white versus 2.5% black and Lord only knows what could've happened to this woman - not to mention all the other black women in that city - if Bethany-fucking-Storro had insisted that her attacker was real.

I am really grateful Zehnder wrote this article, by the way.  It's nice to see someone other than us pointing out the effects of this hoax had on WoC.


  1. So sad...

    And this is what "they" insist is all in our heads. Just a so-called figment of our imagination.... and we're just all being paranoid. *sigh*

  2. I am nice too but there is a limit. I would have sued that bitch for avgravted stress and defamation of character for black women everywhere that may have suffered becasue of that stupid bitch's lies. I would bleed her dry, I am not one to accept faux aplogies.

  3. beatlefan1769/20/10, 8:53 AM

    Bethany Storro's comment of 'jealous rage in the woman's eyes' shows serious mental issues and serious issues with race. Nevermind the fact that she used a typically Middle Eastern form of attack to ruin her own face. She didn't just ruin her own sense of safety, but that of every woman in Vancouver. I can't imagine the hell Ms. Johnson went through and any person of color. THIS is white privelege.

  4. Indeed it is. So callous, isn't it?

  5. Yeah, Black folks have GOT to stop accepting these bs "apologies" from Whites. First off, the vasy majority of them are only sorry they got CAUGHT. They're not at all sorry for what they said or how they feel. We need to let Whites know that if they're REALLY sorry for their acts, they need to back that ish up with some reparative ACTIONS. In other words, putcha BACK into it!

  6. I found your page through lurking on Abagond's blog.

    Fuck being nice, this bitch's lie interrupted HER life. She should sue this heffa for whatever she can hit her with.

    I knew this trick was lying when she said the 'hey pretty girl' Some of these chicks THINK black women are jealous of them.

    Just imagine the fallout that could have happened had this been another place or another time...

  7. @Witchsistah:

    How can you say that? You might make a White woman cry!

  8. Did you lot hear about a woc (I think she is maybe AfroLatina) in Arizona Derri Verlade who got acid thrown in her face a few days after Bethany's lie cops said that it may be a copycat at first but I think someone did this out of retalliation/ revenge. just google her name


  9. Acid girl story has an update that may include jail time, but no mention of an apology to black women. When others write this week, please be sure to include her offense to black women and the need for an apology.

  10. @Witchsistah..
    i just saw what you wrote, i agree. I think an apology plus action is in order.

  11. I think we need more than apology. We need a proper statement from her about what she did, why she did it, why it was wrong - not "offensive", just wrong - and how it could have seriously impacted black women nationwide.

  12. @Ankhesen Mie...
    You are correct, i see your point.


    She said she was sorry. Slavery is over and you have your black president. WUT MOAR DO YOU PEEPUL WANT?

    AND PLEEZE WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE WHITE PEEPUL?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. @neo_prodigy

    Why does she have to be so meeeeeeeeeeeeean?

  15. Oshun's_little_girl9/23/10, 11:10 AM

    hi, forgive me if this isn't the right place to post this, but i just had to share this doc with you. now before i supply the link, i would just like to say that the uk is a perfect place for this experiment. they claim to be light years ahead of everyone else in race relations but i know from living here for 2 yrs that is a load of bull. if anything i find myself navigating a pool of willfully oblivious privilege and subtle racism. it is quite similar to what you find in the so called progressive areas of the usa. and i'm a northern cali bay area gyal, so i'm familiar with this brand of "darkies shut up you're ruining our kumbaya moment" racism. some of you may have already seen this, and or heard of the woman conducting this experiment. warning extreme draptomania in this doc, if you have a tendency to vomit when exposed to pure-dee whiny privilege, discretion is advised.

  16. @oshun

    yeah I remeber watching that on channel 4 last year, I like Jane Elliot's experiement. I was pissed off that the white woman was ruining it with her crying and whining


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