Kill this Bitch

I blame Michelle Obama.

It's like ever since she became the First Lady, it's been open season on black women - more so than before.  So now, in addition to white folks blaming imaginary shit on black men, they've added black women (and Latinos) to the list.  Shirley Sherrod, anyone?

And now we've got this bitch.

And yeah, I'm calling her a bitch, and no...there will be no mercy for her.

This is the face of Bethany-fucking-Storro.  Or should I say, this was the face of this bitch before she went all "acid" on herself...the face that's supposedly soooooo beautiful an imaginary black woman just had to attack it.  Fashion Tip from Moi: the bitch ain't that fine.  And for all you white folks who think you're sooooo beautiful and sooooo perfect and all the black ladies of the world are sooooooo jealous of, you're not that fabulous, so just take this as a sign from the gods that it's waaaaaaaay past time for you to get over your fucking selves.

While I'm on the subject...fuck each and every one of the white folks who went on a mad, blatantly racist, anti-black women rant in defense of this bitch, calling the imaginary black woman a "jealous afro-bozo/afro-scum" and saying people should "hang the baboon from a tree". These balls of shit will be the same ones who start with the whole, "Black people are so sensitive...blah blah blah...this isn't about race...blah blah blah...she's just sick and needs help" bullshit.

Oh, really?  Tell me something then...what's this drapto-like mental illness that randomly affects white people and drives them to blame (sometimes imaginary) black people (and other people of color) for shit they do to themselves or others?  Bethany-fucking-Storro doesn't need help; she needs jail.  She need bitchslapped with a lawsuit and hauled off to prison.  So don't fucking tell us to calm down.

Sketch of the imaginary attacker.
When an imaginary person of a specific race is falsely accused of a hate crime, then the accuser herself has committed a hate crime against the whole damn race, and the state should enact punishment.  Innocent black women were put at risk because of this bitch, and the thought that people are going to rally at her side now and offer her sympathy makes me sick to my stomach.

People like this aren't mentally ill.  They simply feel entitled.  They do shit like this because they can, because they know it will get them attention, and because they're confident they can get away with even after they confess.

Fuck this bitch, and to hell with any society that allows people like her to walk free after pulling shit like this.  Her ass should be sued into the ground.

Make an example of this bitch, and every last one of them just like her.  Remember these bitches right here?

Ruby-fucking-Bates & Victoria-fucking-Price
Irene-fucking-Tusken & James-fucking-Sullivan 

East vigilant.  With brown supposedly being "the new black", Virginia Tech, and the unstoppable rise of China, you should be up next.

(PS - for all you I-swear-I'm-not-a-racist-piece-of-shit white folks who think jokes about lynching are soooooooooo funny...fuck you. )

Disclaimer: Do not go out and actually kill this bitch; that's not what I'm advocating here. "Kill this Bitch" just has a ring to it. And going straight into my post right after the title maintains momentum, hence the appearance of this disclaimer at the end. Now...if you do kill this bitch, don't blame me. Don't even mention Moi. The point of posts like these is to get people to accept responsibility for their own actions, and crazies like you are not exempt.


  1. I second that notion.

    seriously, i knew this was bullshit form a mile away. Do you want to know what gave away for me, well two things:

    1) "Hey, pretty little girl..."

    what woman of any race would mention the so called attractiveness of the victim before they attack.

    Shoot, the wording would resemble something like "Hey, you ugly bitch wanna drink of this!"

    2) The sketch of the supposed Black woman.

    looked liked a cartoon character...of a white woman.

    Now where is Witchsistah at to bring it all home.

  2. Great post Moi.. I wouldn't change a word.... not one word. :-)

  3. That second "most highly rated post" was bullshit. WTF:

    "For some reason you seem to take this as a racial insult. I highly doubt she meant it in this way. The poor woman obviously has mental issues and for her, saying that her "attacker" was black is just a way of describing her fictional character."

    Of course. The woman picked had to be a jealous, angry black woman who wanted to ruin a pretty white girl's face. Jee, where have I heard that stereotype before?

    And this is stupid and false.
    "Nursery rhymes have even been altered from "baa baa black sheep" to "baa baa rainbow sheep." What has the world come to when you can't describe someone as "black" for fear of being racist." Baa Baa Rainbow sheep was an exercise in using adjectives and describing the world. It was not motivated by political correctness or anything like that. I wish people would verify the stuff they hear. That BBC article was literally the first result for "Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep." It took 0.29 seconds! And yet people would rather believe that there is some sort of PC movement trying to ~control their language~. Of course.

    I think the scariest thing about this type story is that it's not just a one time thing. I was immediately reminded of that woman who pretended to be assaulted by a black male who carved a B into her face. It makes me actually feel sick.

  4. I'm glad you wrote this--is anyone else annoyed that people want to have so much sympathy for the "poor widdle White girl" who must be mentally ill? As a Psychology major I resent that--White people need to stop using mental illness as a cover up when one of their own acts a fool. Why don't people feel bad for the Black women who were harassed and had epithets spewed at them? Now that the truths come out, are any of them (the Twitterers and such) rushing to call this girl a "White bitch"? I thought not.

  5. As soon as I heard that ish about some evil, ugly (because we're all ugly), undesirable (because no one wants us) BW was jealous of her superior Whiteness, I called bullshit. That mess sounded like some shit some racist WW would stroke her clit to.

    The thing is, since the election, Whites have been showing us who they really are. The question now is, what are WE gonna do about it?

  6. And to all the people saying they wanted the attacker to be killed/punished in public forum, I say: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

    Fucking ridiculous.

  7. Jasmin,

    Apart from mental illness, what else can make you spill acid on YOUR FACE (ruining it for good)?!?

    I don't know much about psychology so I certainly don't want to throw diagnosis around, but I don't think whether this individual is sane matters. Why?

    Because it's easy to say NOW that she is crazy. It lets everybody off the hook. The girl is a nutjob, and crazy people are not guilty for being ill. WHITE PEOPLE, on the other hand, have nothing to do with this- it's not how they really are, it's just some sick individual. (So I guess everybody forgets about the whole online lynching mob who wanted to punish the "angry black girl").

    And it wasn't obvious THEN that the alleged black woman (if she existed) was mentally ill?

    WHY is it so easy for whites to believe in this story? It has every single stereotype about blacks: they are angry, they are violent, their women are ugly and jealous of superior white beauty, they go around throwing acid on random people, they kidnap babies, they rape- all because it's in their wild, uncivilized nature and all out of jealousy to superior, beautiful whites.

    I mean, no shit, they actually believe this.

  8. @Ankhesen

    This is precisely why I keep my distance from them. If I didn't, I'd go on the warpath and kill all those motherfuckers. I've got to contend with a lot of shit in my DNA and if I met this bitch on the street, I would lay her ass out. At some point, she'd beg to have someone throw acid on her face. I read about this sociopath in another blog and to my shock I learned that there were African-American bloggers who believed this lie. The blog didn't link to those blogs. I wish she had.

  9. @K & Witchsistah,

    Canada is lovely this time of year.

    As I said on another forum, the real question I want answered is how many blacks (and Latinos) are in jail and/or dead because it WASN'T proven that they were innocent and white folks lied their asses off?

  10. I don't know--anyone who throws acid on their own face for the attention is probably mentally ill.


    She's still a racist shit for deciding create that little story.

  11. All very good points and questions.

    @ Mira

    Apart from mental illness, what else can make you spill acid on YOUR FACE (ruining it for good)?!?

    I read somewhere that Bethany-fucking-Storro wanted to get plastic surgery, ironically, to make herself pretty. So she made up this created this whole drama to get sympathy and raise funds for the operation which she couldn't afford on her own.

    Her parents have also mentioned something about her recently being divorced. If it comes out that her man left her for a black woman, I'll laugh like never before.

    @ neo-prodigy

    Answering your question will require mad research.

    @ Hateya

    I read about this sociopath in another blog and to my shock I learned that there were African-American bloggers who believed this lie.

    Always wait for the confession, children; that's what I say. Wait for the hoax to fully emerge.

  12. Mira,

    I started writing a comment and it got lost. :-(

    But I basically said that mental illness is a broad category--people are diagnosed with specific disorders, and none of those disorders are related to throwing acid on oneself. Some categories are broader than others--if she gets a psych eval I'll bet she'll get diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety, but people with mental illness don't throw acid on themselves.

    Because it's easy to say NOW that she is crazy. It lets everybody off the hook.


  13. People...Bethany-fucking-Storro is not crazy. Mental illness is not a prerequisite for self-mutilation.

  14. "Her parents have also mentioned something about her recently being divorced. If it comes out that her man left her for a black woman, I'll laugh like never before."

    Seriously this was my first thought when i heard this was fake.

    On my blog, i hoping this is the issue we take up and take action asking for an apology to black women and for her to receive punishment.

  15. (update added to the post)

    ***Important Update*** From Black Women, Fight Back:

    I was thinking contacting the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Clark County Senior Deputy Prosecutor’s name is John Fairgrieve in Portland, Ore.

    contact info:

    Letting him know that this type of behavior is highly offensive to bw and there needs to be an apology and punishment for subjecting black women to criminal issues.

    So black women...fight back.

  16. See updated portion of post for some Fashion Tips from Moi.

  17. thanks for the added "When writing the Prosecutor, I recommend bringing up a few certain key issues"
    Those are very good points.
    I thinking of having a poll on monday to vote on which issue BWFB community should take up, but i def have a bias on this issue, even though the others are great.

  18. Eraticxserenity9/18/10, 6:24 PM

    Lol, and know we know who wrote the lovely fan letter to you, Ankh.

    They sound just as crazy as each other.

  19. Eraticxserenity9/18/10, 7:15 PM

    Sorry, I meant *now* we know.

  20. "Innocent black women were put at risk"
    Very true and dangerous.

    "When an imaginary person of a specific race is falsely accused of a hate crime, then the accuser herself has committed a hate crime against the whole damn race, and the state should enact punishment."
    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    " racism is a learned behavior. It is neither genetic nor neurologically pathological. It's a moral disorder of society".
    Again yes! Yes! Yes! That's why there shoud never be any compromise on this matter.

  21. That bitch ain't crazy. *I* should know. She's just trying to get over.

    @Witch, I'm rollin' with you!

  22. I heard this bitchface was the result of a chemical peel gone wrong and that she wanted to get a nose job and other stuff. I mean hey pretty girl this bitch aint all that who the hell wopuld be jelous of her? She is the one who is jealous she is the one who is hating she is not mentally ill she is just using her white priviledge to her advantage like all the white people before her has done but got caught but is still using her white priviledge.

    Blaming a phantom POC for an attack will gather sympathy really fast and she is feuling the fans of racial hate she is not even being willfully ignorant she knows what is going on in the media and saying that a BLACK WOMAN who has been seen as less than for such a hell of the long time people would immedietly side with her. Stupid crazy fucking bitch.

    Like I said she sould like the jealous one and is the hater and so in the words of Nigerian artist Dbanj "Don't me coz I'm hotter than you

  23. A comment I saw online

    "Bethany is obviously a very deeply disturbed young woman. She is mentally ill. Do we really need to worry about the race issue at this point?"


  24. *face palm moment*

    Yeah, to hell with this Bethany bitch. I can say that I am honestly not surprised. One bit. This is what happens when you back Becky's into a corner. And as usual black women will shoulder the burden for everyone else fuck ups.

  25. If that were my face, I'd throw acid on that shit too.

  26. well i have no sympathy for this woman. what the hell possesses a woman to throw acid on yourself but blame a black woman? ugh this bitch has no mental illness, she's just crazy period. she should go to jail because she could've killed herself and not only that she lied about it. but society wants us to feel bad for the white woman. mental illness is not a joke and shouldn't be looked as a joke. it seems once obama came into the picture, racism is coming out everywhere. white people always complain how we make everything so racial. when you bring race, especially when it is about a black person, that's when it becomes racial.

  27. The bitch is getting charged she said she applied drain cleaner to her face becasue she felt like she wanted to die or she wanted a new face becasue she didn't feel pretty .

    This is where I get annoyed, she is not pretty and she doesn't think she is all that yet the made up black woman was jealous of her looks. really why would anyone be jealous of her goofy arse face.

    If I was one of the black woman being questioned it would go like this.

    police:Why did you do it where you jealous?
    Me:jealous, of her? Look at me, then look at her, then look at me. Now, ask that question again?

  28. LOL, my stats page shows this post's views just reached 666 - I shit you not.

  29. @ Victoria

    If that were my face, I'd throw acid on that shit too.

    If I'm ever in a barfight, remind me to bring you along. ...'Cause that was some hardcore ish right there...I thought I merciless....

  30. Hmm... I noticed how it's always white people who claim mental illness. Either it's a fact that they all have it (dorsn't seem like rapists and serial killers are ever back) or it's just figured to be a default answer like "C" on the SATS.

    *shrug* just saying. Brilliant article.

  31. @ Kenji

    Thanks. And thanks for stopping by!

  32. ...wait I didn't know she blamed this on an attack of a black woman. I thought she was just attacked by an angry ex or something, her whole fuckin' face should of been burnt off along with her fake lips, and nose. WTF NY1??!

  33. OH and how can she not be crazy??? Splashing yourself in the face w/ acid IS CRAZY!

  34. Leo Princess2/10/13, 1:50 PM

    I'd like to add Sarah 'F*cking C*nt' Page to the list. Her 'A N*gger raped me!" lying cries kicked off the Tulsa Race Riots and the destruction of Black Wall Street. I can't help but notice how the destruction and subsequent property theft of Black towns (especially prospering Black towns) in the U.S. always started with some melanin-deficient trick crying rape.


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