Contemplating "Comedian Louis CK on Being White"

*I tend to co-sign with the commenter on YouTube who notes that Louis is exaggerating a bit about white folks and time machines, because there are places (now and in the past) where they obviously can't go. I was surprised to hear Louis even mention the future, though.


  1. His statement on treatment of whites and blacks in the past is a bit off, but i can understand him doing that for the point he is trying to make. Good to see he acknowledges white privilege, I rarely see people do this in the media or real life.

  2. I rarely see people do this in the media or real life.

    To be honest, I was shocked.

  3. Louis CK has his moments. There's a really good chance that you already been made aware of this, but his TV show recently touched on something that I thought was worth an eyebrow raise. Here's a good link for those who haven't caught wind of it:

  4. Geneva,

    I watched that video clip. Louis' "character" was engaging in an especially fave White male pastime of mine, trolling for poor, Black booty. The thing is, he targeted that woman not only because she was Black but because he perceived her as poor, and therefore, not only does he have gender and racial superiority over her but he has CLASS superiority too. He even alludes to it while he's trying to break through her defensiveness. Defensiveness which he narrowly perceives as knee-jerk, unthinking, unfounded racism against him being White. He tries to target her seemingly class inferiority because his White maleness is definitely not doing it for her. He even says that she must be from a "tough area" and he assumes this because of her job in a grocery store. And because he, like most White people, assume that any and all Blacks are broke and poor. Implied in his reference to her perceived class is the bargain of "if you make me happy, perhaps I'll throw a few luxuries your way that you're not used to and you should be rather easy to please not having anything." It's the idea of the poor, abject Black girl who is so grateful for his White male largesse, that she'll allow him to use her sexually any way he wishes. That she'll unleash that demon, Black sex freak that is inside all of Black womanhood.

    Many White men single out Black women they perceive as (or want to believe are) poor or economically downtrodden. After all, how are you going to dazzle a middle-class BW with your one bedroom apartment in hopes that she'll give up the drawz? You're not. Usually the goal is simply to have sex with a woman. Maybe they'll keep her on as a "long-term" booty call, but that's all she'll be. And she'll be easy to keep. Buy her some cheap, gaudy trinket (because you know those people have no taste or any idea of real quality or luxury), pay for her to get her hair and nails done every now and then and you can ride her like the teacups as Disneyland.

    I've heard many middle-class BW tell me stories about WM trying to perceive them as poor or materially needy in order to get sex from them. I say "trying to perceive" them as such because there was absolutely NOTHING about those women that said "poor" or "needy" to those guys except for those guys' wishful thinking. And in each story, it was the WM who posited that the women MUST have been poor. "You know you look like you could use a good meal," to a BW with a decent winter coat at an "el" stop in the dead of January. She was not dressed in rags or dirty clothes. I wonder how in hell dude saw underneath all those layers to notice her BMI with such accuracy. "Say, you look like you could use a few bucks," to a BW trying to have fun at a local night spot while dancing with a WM. She was not trying to solicit him for ANYTHING!

    And of course, the price for said charitable aid is access to her body. I love how those dudes were trying to make picking up a random BW for sex into a charitable act. And I bet his idea was to penetrate every orafice in her body for hours and throw her a couple of twenties at the end.

  5. Witchsistah,

    You really hit the nail on the head. I think the economy of gratitude in this sort of interaction is pervasive and worth discussion. Thanks so much for such a meaty analysis.


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