Contemplating "The Infantilization of Black People"

I think it also has to do with the infantilization of Black people by whites. We tell CHILDREN not to speak to us in a certain tone of voice, yet white people expect ADULTS to “obey” them as well. But, passion is OK when it is a white person expressing it! (For example the Tea Partiers)

~ JuJuBe, on "The Tone Argument" by Abagond


  1. not sure if this is relevant, but last year, my cub and i were on our way thru an entrance to her school grounds, where we normally wait. there were some unruly, white children playing by the entrance, barring our way. my daughter politely said," excuse me." the children ignored her, and continued to behave like kids with no manners or home training. so, freezing my ass off, and a tad annoyed, i say excuse me as well. only, with more authority. a white woman standing nearby, is obviously unpleased at "the tone" i used with the white children, and proceeds to "let me know" that it is against school policy for us to wait on school grounds before the bell is rang. note that my daughter and i have waited in our little spot on the grounds for the better part of the school year, with no problems from the school officials who had seen us waiting there on many occasions. her tone was one adults use with a petulant child. welp she got a big stfu, followed by a who-the-fuck-cares-what-u-think...i wish i could've been more eloquent, but i am reeeeaaaaallllly not a morning person>_>

  2. This is a very important point. Thank you for pointing that, JuJuBe.

    Whites often see blacks as inferior, even if they think they mean well. They see grown up, mature people as toddlers. It's is disrespectful beoyond words.

    Just like a 2 year old child needs your constant guidance, a black person can't do anything on his own. Just like you, as an adult, understand the world better than a toddler, a black person is unable to understand the world around her. And just like a child is immature and expressing raw emotions all the time, a black person lacks reason and is "oversensitive" for any stupid little thing. Oh, white man's burden!

  3. I really despise the tone argument, always have. Don't tell people how to communicate. Just don't. Enough with the "be nice to me, I can't handle it when you're louder than I am" BS.

    *sigh* and you'll still hear Whites today fumbling around to explain the "facts" about how Blacks are anatomically or naturally different than Whites. And if we just all work together to be nice, coddle their childlike minds, why they can one day ascend to be something vaguely better [/sarcasm]. It's stomach-turning sick.

  4. @ Oshun was relevant.


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