Underappreciated Musician of Color #19: The Basco Bros.

Their last name says it all.

I figured while I was doing Tatum Jones I should knock these fine bros outta the way.  I've been aware of them for years, and it's good to see them still going strong.  'Cause, like...I've been a fan of Dante Basco's since childhood; the crush I had on him high school was a particular strain of unhealthy.

Anywho...formerly known as Fly Brown Dragons, the now-called Basco Brothers apparently decided to go old school.  These Filipino-American legends were dancers and musicians first (I believe acting came in third).  Hip hop is their main baby, but they'll throw in some reggae, soul, R & B - you name it.  And they're big pimpin' while they' do it.

As you can see, they're performing and interviewing and working their asses off to let people know they're here.  Mind you...Dante's been in how many movies and TV shows?  What it's say when he and his brothers gotta hustle like this?


  1. I love Dante Basco have you watched Fakin da Funk? He starred as a Chinese boy adopted by Black parents. It had everyone Tatyanna Ali, Pam Grier, Tichina Arnold, Margret Cho, Duane Martin.
    It's on youtube

    Didn't know they were musicians though.

    I remeber Dion Basco on City Guys he was funny

  2. I actually used to own Fakin' da Funk. Hilarious movie. Had Ernie Hudson and Tone Loc (he was in e'rybody movie back then).

  3. Dante Basco sings?! O.O How did I not know this? I get so silly when I hear his voice... <333

  4. I knew of Dante, but not his Bros. I checked them out on you tube. Nice. Talented family; that is for sure.

  5. And Dante tells it like it is about the crapfest that is The Last Airbender (which the critics hate, btw):

    Dante Basco, who voiced Prince Zuko in the cartoon, has decided to throw his opinion out there as well. On his blog, he says that while he would have loved to play Zuko on the big screen, he respects Shyamalan’s vision of the character. ”My first gut feeling is, the best actor should be cast for the job no matter race… But maybe that’s just an ideal that is unreal when it comes to making a movie, and making a big budget movie at that…. The fact of the matter is, in Hollywood… it’s not fair.” However, the actor does feel the casting was mismanaged and roles should have gone to underrepresented Asian actors. ”In this day and age, in America 2010… I just don’t think it is at all viable for white actors to play ethnic roles… at least until they let us play white roles.”

    I love a man who's not afraid to speak the truth!

  6. @ cinnamon

    Woman, quit reading my mind. I'm trying to write scribble a lil somethin' about Airbender.

  7. I've loved Dante since Hook. He was in "But I'm a cheerleader" as a hot gay jock and in "Take the lead" as a high school dancer. I'll check out the links.

  8. I have soooooo many questions about his role in "But I'm a Cheerleader".


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