Underappreciated Actress of Color #40: Jill Marie Jones

Like most peeps, I was introduced to the fabulous Jill Marie Jones (we really need more gals named "Jill", y'all) via the long-running show Girlfriends, which she eventually left to do films, and a micro-series.

First off, Jill is fucking gorgeous, y'all.  And she soooooooo knows it.  Short hair, long hair, weave, natural - it doesn't matter.  She is just too fine.  It's the skin.  And the lips.  Even the garish makeup they made her wear in Drool (which also showcases Oded Fehr as a wife-beatin' redneck, accent and all...*blink*) couldn't mar her good looks.

I've always dug Jill.  Granted, her character Toni Childs on Girlfriends was irritating for the most part, but the actress always rocked.  And I'm really digging where her choice of film roles is going.  I'm beginning to think Miss Thang here wears her weird on the outside. *grin* My kind of woman.


  1. Ohh, she was down here in Miami last month at the Dwayne Wade and Alonzo Morning autograph signing. I'm not gay or anything but this chick left me speechless of how beautiful she is. At first i didn't know it was her cuz she's a hell of a lot lighter and shorter than what you see on t.v.

    she was passing out water bottles for the those of us (me) who was in danger of passing out from a heat stroke.

  2. Oh, wow! Aren't you lucky!

    And yeah...this woman is all kinds of fine.

  3. I am so glad you gave a shout out to Jill Marie Jones. My daughter and I both respect and enjoy her work. Oh she is so wickedly funny! She has a take no prisoner kind of attitude that we both love. I was planning on catching her movie Drool but missed it. I hope it's on DVD...


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