Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #21: Russell Wong

This one's been a looooooooong time coming.  I don't know how I held out this long, considering I've been a fan from friggin' way back...so far back, in fact, that I'm not even going to bother listing his credits.

Because y'all non-heathens oughta know all that shit by heart.

Russell Girard Wong, born March 1, 1963, is a god.  There,  I said it.  It needed said.  Never have I seen an actor who's ridiculously, "sizzlingly" hawt when he plays either the good guy or the bad guy.  And there are few actors who make me want to watch their love scenes over and over and over again like a fiend (trivia: I initially posted the sex scene from Prophecy II on YouTube, and within 10-20 minutes it got 111 hits. Five minutes later, it got friggin' banned for being "too inappropriate").  *rolls eyes*  Negro, please.

Interested parties can see the great man himself in his most recent film Dim Sum Funeral, along with Her Fabulousness, the awesome Bai Ling.


  1. Yes Lawd! Oh Russell, you just don't know.

    New Jack City
    The Joy Luck Club
    Romeo Must Die (can you imagine if it had been Him & Aaliyah?)

    and the list goes on and on and on.

    Bless you Ankh! You have made my night.

  2. Who does not love Russell Wong he is foine. I second that he should have been been the lead of Romeo must die (no offense to Jet Li, but I was watching some behind the scenes stuff and Aaliyah was doing a interview and Russell kept sneaking up on her and messing with her it was cute)

    Yeah I love me some him.

  3. Had he been the lead...shit would've turned out REALLY differently.

    Have you seen his daughter? He has a Blasian daughter, y'all.

  4. Yikes... please delete "Lilakoi's" post if it appears. It's mine.

    Russell Wong gets better with age. This man is like a fine wine!!! *sip, sip, gulp, gulp*

  5. Yeah I knew he had a daughter that is half black, I remeber reading a interview where he talked about his daughter being in his wedding a living with her mother.

  6. I forgot all about Joy Luck Club. If I'm remembering correctly, wasn't his character a real jerk in that movie? He looked awfully good though.

    I'll never forget seeing him in New Jack City for the first time. He had on those shades with his short, black hair and serious, cop face and I was like "Who the hell is that?!" I spent the rest of the movie trying like hell to spot Park. *sigh* Good times....goood times.

  7. Russell be fine as hell. 'Nuff said.

  8. I just saw him 3 days ago 4/16 9:40am on the 14th street subway platform in NYC. I was so overwhelmed and in shock I got too nervous to say anything but there was a couple seconds of eye contact :D He is a beautiful man, definitely getting better with age! I've been a fan since Vanishing Son. I'm so excited about this sighting, just wanted to share with another black woman who could appreciate it.


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