Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #20: Bruno Campos

Bruno Campos is a braaaaaave actor, y'all.  Actors of color generally have to be to get somewhere in Hollywood, you know.

To be frank, I love him wherever I see him.  Not to say he didn't creep the shit out of me when he portrayed the serial killing rapist ("the Carver") on Nip/Tuck.

Born in 1973 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he is US-based actor now (got his start in Brazil) and he's been in a lot.  His appearance on Will & Grace had me laughing for days.

I think that's what I dig about this man, along with his obviously beautiful looks (I mean, damn).  He's got this very chill, very laid back, everything-is-groovy air which so incredibly sexy.


  1. Those lips, those eyebrows, that nose, those eyes . . . wow. He brings me back to my ex, during the good times. This man is so gorgeous. :)


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