Is Obama a Rented Negro?

We've had a good discussion so far, ladies (and occasional gentleman); let's see if we can keep it going.

Is Obama a Rented Negro?  Quick recap: a "Rented Negro" is a well-paid or otherwise compensated POC who applies their color to white agenda; they're basically "a black face on white opinion."  Their sole purpose is try to sell white agenda to POC (which, by the way, doesn't work).  Their existence has a really annoying side effect: they tend to confuse white viewers who see them on TV, but don't often meet POC like them in real life or online.  That's when the Loudmouths often emerge, because we're not - as Cinnamon would say - "bowing and scraping, shuckin’ and jivin’, skinnin’ and grinnin', or all around coonin' like a proper POC is supposed to do."

But back to the matter at hand: is Obama a Rented Negro?  See, when I look at the likes of ole Billy Clinton, Dubya, and now O...I don't see men who were/are actually running the country.  Not once, not ever have I looked at these men and seriously believed they were/are in charge.  Take O, for example; there's no way he is actually running this place.  The man doesn't even run his own family.  So why was it so necessary to maneuver him into office?

And yes, I did just say "maneuver."  McCain was set up, y'all; Palin's arrival merely confirmed it.    So why Obama?  Why him?  What was is so important to shove aside Hillary for him?  Because even with her arrogance, she would've been president; white privilege is still the national currency, after all.  So how did she get passed over?  I have a theory: Mira's Law.

Y'all remember Mira's Law...and the idiot tramp who demonstrated it perfectly.  It explains that American POC tend to be viewed more favorably in say, Europe, than white Americans.  Similar reports are coming in from Asia.  The world knows good and well what's going on in America, and since 85-88% of said world is of color, they're not amused with the treatment of American POC.  So how do you keep that world from simply getting rid of you once and for all?  Change policies?  Create an egalitarian society?  Dismantle white privilege?  No, silly - just hide behind POC!

You a Human Shield.

See, most white Americans don't even know they're despised worldwide.  A few who know are baffled as to why; after all, they live in a a whitopia and they don't know any bad white people!  Others, however, are fully aware, but have "convinced" themselves - and are now trying to convince the rest of us - that it doesn't matter.  You know...they work soooooooo hard to correct and convince the rest of us...all because it doesn't matter.  The white Americans in power, however, are first in line to get shot when, ahem, "answering" to other countries, and so naturally - in a typical white privileged manner - they found a human shield of color to hide behind (*scowls at BP*).

Barack Hussein Obama is just lov-er-ly, isn't he?  So pretty in all his pictures.  Married to a dark chocolate woman.  Has adorable kids.  Has the boyish smile of an angel.  Has name that's from nowhere near the Western Hemisphere.  He doesn't hesitate to bow to Emperors.  He's cheerful and charming and oh-so-sweet, and with the ominous shadows of China, North Korea, and Russia looming at the doorway, he's just the perfect guy to keep your country from getting blown to smithereens.

The way I see it, O's maybe bought this country somewhere in the ballpark of 4-8 years of safety, should he be reelected (and something tells me he magically will be).  Personally, I think he should resign and let Biden or the She-Clinton be President.  America is a mess.  It is not his messAs Tim Wise recently pointed out, 20% of the country's wealth - which took 200 years to build - was lost by a bunch of white guys without the help of any POC (though it sure as hell was "acquired" with the help of POC).  Recap: they needed "help" to make that money, but then when left to their own devices, they lost it all.

Clarification: Barefoot, Spanish-speaking folk from the South didn't lose all that money and fuck up everyone's livelihood.  Negroes in hoodies and nice cars didn't do it.  Angry black women didn't do it. Poverty-stricken indigenous folks didn't do it.  Invisible Asians didn't do it.  Undocumented illegal folks didn't do it.  Foreign white folks didn't do it.  No, no: white Americans did it, and in a time-honored tradition, they put a face of color on the expanding mess...and seriously thought non-white Americans and non-Americans would fall for it.

Nigga, please.

So in conclusion, I don't think O is a rented Negro so much as a sacrificial lamb.  What are your thoughts?


  1. I agree that he is more of a sacrificial lamb. I think if anyone can find the right price (and believe me, I have my doubts now) then he will swiftly become Rented.

    When he first came into office, I loved that he didn't seem to give a fuck about what people wanted him to do, and I trusted his judgment on pretty much everything. But honestly the way he patted the behind of BP and then pulled out his Mean Dad voice on them all too late (and ineffectively) made me think twice about him. Anyone in his right mind would have at least tried to give the illusion of having control, but instead BP's over there with the Coast Guard shoeing media and qualified personnel away, telling our president when and where to drop by for a visit. Total bullshit.

    And don't get me started on the dump he's taking on education. He dry-humps charter schools (a means of getting education out of the government's hands and pocketbooks) and seems to be following the asshattery that is school funding tied to standardized testing results running at full-force. I know he attended private school all his life, but how the hell are you a Democrat who supports public health care, but lets public education plummet to the earth? Our drop-out rates couldn't be lower. Tangent sorry. I'm done.

  2. yeah...I'm seriously thinking about moving to Canada.

  3. When the country goes to shit, they will blame PoC.

  4. @ Caridad

    LOL - the original draft of this blog posted ended with, "I hear Canada's nice."

    @ gedama

    Yeah...I wish them good luck with that.

    @ Victoria

    I think if anyone can find the right price (and believe me, I have my doubts now) then he will swiftly become Rented.

    I shudder to think of it.

  5. I just wanted to clarify that my comment was about the difference in the way I saw him at the beginning of his term and the reality I see now which leads me to believe he might be able to be swayed or "rented". I hate sounding even remotely like I don't support him because I do. Those 2 areas do trouble me. The education thing didn't immediately raise a red flag - all presidents skimp on education. And I'm *really* critical of the education system, obviously. The BP thing seemed so out of character for him that it has made me think there's that remote possibility. I hope I'm wrong.

    I hate watching the media and the right try to paint him as the culprit. Where were they when Bush was sinking not billions but *trillions* into the war? He was taking the funding left and right without one single protest from the right. Why no whining then?

  6. the reality I see now which leads me to believe he might be able to be swayed or "rented".

    And I shudder because I see it too.

    I hate watching the media and the right try to paint him as the culprit. Where were they when Bush was sinking not billions but *trillions* into the war? He was taking the funding left and right without one single protest from the right. Why no whining then?

    And where was the Tea Party?

  7. Like you've said repeatedly, Ankh, this country, really WHITES in this country are about to fall into the abyss. They're going to lose their power and hegemony, that's just fact and it's inevitable as worldwide White birthrates lag behind that of PoC.

    But they're not going to give that up quietly. Shit will get worse before it gets better and it's going to be ugly. They're going to act like cornered raccoons, biting, snarling and slashing at any and everything that tries to get at their privilege.

    The next 10-20 years are really going to be trying as this country transitions from being numerically White-dominated to PoC-dominated. I expect neo-Jim Crow legislation to be proposed or simply the conditions to be set up de facto. That's already starting to happen with racist legislation in Arizona and Texas leading the way and the utter lack of outcry or resistance from so-called "good" White folks.

    In a way this is good. It's very difficult for PoC to keep wearing the blinders. It makes us see the reality for what it is. And in order to be able to construct a decent strategy for our survival, we have to know what the real lay of the land is. We now know we cannot count on White folks as a group for anything progressive on our behalf. At most, they'll make "tut tut" sounds and say "Isn't that a shame," "That makes me so angry" to our faces and then do absolutely nothing. PoC can keep on with the hope that White folks will change or that we can change them or we can start figuring out strategies that do not involve Whites.

    For those few Whites who do want to help, they need to know they are soldiers and grunts in our army, not officers. If they just NEED to be in charge, we can't use them. This is not their movement or struggle.

  8. When the country goes to shit, they will blame PoC.

    They already do*.

    Dave Chappelle is a prophet, y'all!

  9. this is drivel. there is no "they". to get where he is (a position he EARNED) Barry worked hard and took advantage of the opportunities afforded him (including, no doubt, white guilt) and played to his gifts, amongst which are charm, humility and good looks. this whole "he's nothing but a token" sentiment is the mirror image of what all those give-me-my-country-back/Obama-can-not-possibly-be-American protesters represent: the inability of some decent, good hearted people to deal with the fact that reality of the black experience is changing.

    black people are no longer second class citizens who are eternally marginalized. Barack didn't change everything by himself, but whether any one of us chooses to accept it or not, it is a matter of fact that every black (and minority) kid now has one more example of what is possible.

    please note i'm not saying that discrimination is done and over with. i AM saying that you can be the president of the USA, among other things.

  10. And we're saying you can president without it meaning a damn thing.

    And this is America. It is by the will of white folks that a man of color is in that office. He didn't "work" to get there. He got there because they willed it to be so.

    please note i'm not saying that discrimination is done and over with. i AM saying that you can be the president of the USA, among other things.

    You might as well say, "I'm not a racist, but...." and then add something racist. If you truly believe discrimination is not done and over with, then this is all the more reason people need to be skeptical and demand to know we we have so neutralized a black president in office.

    Furthermore, the black experience is changing, but it's changing slowly and roughly and surprise, surprise, black people are sick of it. And if you look to our fellow brethren of color here and abroad, it takes no oracle to see they feel the same.

    America is a deeply flawed, ruled by a formalized system of white supremacy. Having a black president doesn't magically change that.

  11. It is by the will of white folks that a man of color is in that office.

    By the will of the white folks, John McCain is president. Obama only got 43% of the white vote, and McCain got 55%. In electoral terms, winning by 12 points is usually referred to as a landslide. If you excluded gays and Jews from that white vote percentage, it would probably be closer to 38 or 39 percent. If POC didn't have the vote in November of 2008, Obama wouldn't have been elected president.

  12. I'm white. If I say anything busted, well, you know your policy. And, if you have the time/willingness to let me know why- that'd be great, but it's obviously not your job so its cool if you don't. That said:

    Honestly, I think if this was orchestrated by the people in power (and it wouldn't surprise me if it was), it is just as much (or more) for white people as POC. Because, y'know, this is America.

    White people love talking about reverse racism. We really do. It's such a beautiful thing to talk about, too- by saying that POC are oppressing WP, we cover up our privilege while silencing the voices of POC. I still want to tear my hair out any time I see a white person whine about not being able to say the n-word (WHY would you need to?!) or how they can't have white pride (flip on the TV: white people prominently and positively displayed. THERE is your white pride). And Obama being president really helps this.

    First: We get the "I voted for a black guy" badges that proudly declare us as colorblind post-racist people without having to look at our privilege at all.
    Second: "Look, Black president! See? Racism really is over! POC are 100% treated equal to whites and anyone who says otherwise is just a reverse racist jerk! How could we have a PRESIDENT of color if racism existed?! All you POC complaining about racism are just racist!"
    Third: Any time Obama brings up race in this new post-racial utopia or says anything that might be construed as slightly less than positive about a white person (such as saying that a racist white person is racist)? He's a racist! And we can "prove" that we aren't shrieking "reverse racism!" out of our own racism because he's the president! No one's gonna tell us that he's being held down by the white man- he's in the highest position in the USA!

    And I think there was a bit of pacifying as well. Not just for POC. LGBT people where hailing him as the greatest thing since buttered toast, and it happened around the time as same-legal-sex marriage was a really big issue. (even though he now says he's not in favor of same-legal-sex MARRIAGE, just "civil unions", and DADT is still there and yeah) I think women were, too. So, after the horror that is Bush, they throw up the PERFECT CANDIDATE! He's black, he's LGBT friendly, he supports women's rights, he's everything you could ever dream of in a candidate! So now all those annoying upstarts can feel represented and shut up and we don't have to change anything because when they complain we can flash our "We have a LGBT friendly women-supportive president of color so I don't have to listen to you" badge.

    Even if it wasn't set up- that white guilt temi was talking about? For a lot of them, voting was their way of paying for whatever they felt guilty for so that they don't have to feel guilty any more. It really feels like a case of one step forward, three steps back.

    @David- okay, yes, if POC didn't have the vote Mccain would have won. However, if White people hadn't voted for Obama- every PoC in the country could have voted and he still would have lost. PoC tipped the scales- they didn't vote him in alone.

    @Witchsistah: Can I be the Klinger of your army?


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