Contemplating "Jim Crow as Affirmative Action"

Jim Crow was Affirmative Action for hundreds of millions of white folks that lasted 3 times as long as any civil rights laws.


  1. Brilliant comment. How many centuries have they gotten over and had every advantage in this country based on their skin color?

  2. It's [not] amusing how quickly they forget.

  3. I had never thought of that, but it's so, so, so true. ]I'll be re-using this sentiment in Affirmative Action conversations I will surly be involved in in the future.

  4. @ the drapto who tried to post as "Josh"

    I realize that an impotent sack of shit such as yourself requires trolling to compensate for whichever shortcoming of yours bugs you the most, but alas...your comment was deleted, you're still you, still irrelevant, and for that you have my sincerest pity.



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