Contemplating "The Honey"

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“Years ago, when I first started talking to white folks about race, I used to tread lightly. I knew that the vast majority of white people can quickly get very defensive and shut down easily in discussions of race, so I bent over backwards to accommodate them. I would spend hours typing out huge responses that were as pleasant and non-accusatory and educational as I could possibly be.

“And what happened whenever I did this? I was accused of calling people racists, even though I had specifically gone out of my way not to do any such thing and never even used the word. I was accused of playing the race card. I was accused of being racist myself, because I dared talk about race and my experiences with race and didn’t pretend that race is meaningless.

“I can’t pretend that race is meaningless. Pretending that race is meaningless would mean pretending that racism is meaningless. And since racism costs actual lives (as in, racism MURDERS people of color), that’s not something that I can brush off of my shoulder.

I learned, over several years, that my tone did not matter. How many educational links I posted did not matter. How many statistics I referred to did not matter. How carefully I coddled the feelings of white folks who just couldn’t stand the thought that they might not be the shining beacons of tolerance (which, by the way, is a word that I hate) that they hoped they were did not matter. And I learned that my hurt, my exclusion, the deaths and demonization of my people, did not matter. Any time I dared speak about race, I was labeled a racemonger. I was considered an angry black bitch, no matter what I said or how I said it. I was dismissed, ignored, or actively antagonized.”

~ August, from “What Happened to the Honey“?
Some of you are probably wondering why on earth I would post this.  You're probably thinking, "If Ankh doesn't care, then what's she trying to say?"

Here's what I'm trying to say.  There will be individual white Americans who will learn and grow and be decent human beings. Some of us know some personally.  Some us know some scholastically.  Yes, they exist, but they are a tiny minority.

White Americans as a group, however, are never going to progress.  The adage du jour is "Whites need to clean up their own house."  Well...they don't want to.  They don't believe they have to.  They don't even think they should.  Their privilege has conditioned crucial human aspects out of them, and since they don't remember ever even having them, they're in no hurry to get them back.

Some of you are thinking, "But that's so self-destructive!  It'll get them killed!  It'll be their undoing!  They don't know what they're getting themselves into! They won't know how to survive in the new world!"

Yeah...not really POC's job to save them.

Sure, it's noble, and sweet, and humane, and all that good stuff we hold dear, but at the end of the day, it's not and never will be our job to save them.  They can only save themselves.  We'd just be enabling them.

In my travels throughout the blogosphere, I've met many a different kind of white folk.  It's been an interesting journey.  The rooms were okay, the food was lame, the flights exhausting...but I learned a thing or two nonetheless.

Decent White Folks

They are few and far between.  They acknowledge and condemn white privilege and are committed to dismantling it.  They are neither conservative nor liberal, and tend to make blood enemies on both sides.  They're willing to follow in the footsteps of John Brown.  They're not afraid to get hit, because they're more than ready to hit back.  They'll quit their jobs.  They'll disown their families.  They'll get rid of their friends.  Say a racial slur in their presence and you'll be eating floor. 

Like I said: very few and far one or two per every million (but 99% of white Americans like to think they're members).

The Loudmouths

No further description is really necessary.  They are irrelevant.  And no matter how loudly they yell, or stomp their feet, nor how many items they throw, all you can hear is the "tremor".  They're mad because you're disrupting their perfect world.  They don't like to read things they don't agree with.  They don't like to learn the world isn't their playground.  They feel entitled to come on the blogs of POC and be utter assholes.  They are spineless, insignificant children, and they should simply be ignored.

The Fetishists

They sometimes have "Loudmouth" tendencies.  They like light-skinned, servile POC, preferably from foreign territory (unless the WP in question is female with a taste for dark meat).  They are not interested in "social justice".  They don't come on POC blogs (or set up forums) in order to learn.  They just want to get laid and not feel obligated to a fellow human being come sunrise.

The Bohemians

They're down with the Kumbaya.  They smoketh the reefer, weareth the dreads, marryeth and breedeth with the colored folk, and proclaimeth racism dead.  They turn a blind eye to moral disorder and are incapable of defending their supposed friends/relatives of color, despite passionate vows to do so.  They are often descendants of someone who marched with someone important for some important reason.  They're white as hell, but they're also somehow "part black", pretendian, have Jewish in-laws, or some such, and thus consider themselves oppressed.  They're allergic to heavy lifting and are "waiting" for times to change.  Coincidentally, they're incapable of understanding why "we all just can't get along."

The Self-Loathing Survivors

Not to be confused with Bohemians.  These are the ones with the Sight.  Oh, they may say the absolutely dumbest shit in a lame attempt to earn the favor of POC, but they're by no means stupid.  They have but one focus: save their own ass.  These are the ones who've looked ahead to the future and have no desire to be "on the wrong side" when the winds change.  And while these may be the lowest and most despicable of the bunch for their willingness to sell their own down the river, they are very likely going to be the ones in the end who "live to tell the tale" (rodents often do).

In the meantime, the way I blog about white Americans changes as of now.  The old pieces will stay up for you nostalgic folks, but in the new pieces, I'm going to try to go for something different.

It's been real,


  1. I'm really interested in seeing the new direction this blog is going to take. :] You really nailed the different species of White people lol

  2. Can't wait to see the new direction!

    And now I'll do a typically white thing and turn this comment in All About Me(TM).

    I know I'm not an American, but I am white, so I try to see where I fit. Like any other person, I'd like to belong to the "Decent White Folks" group. I know I have some of the things needed (I hate both conservatives and liberals). But I also know I don't have enough balls to actually start a fight with a hater in fears of physical consequences.

    I don't think I'm a Loudmouth or Self-Loathing (I think this group needs to be more clarified - I didn't really get it). But I think there could be a bit of Bohemian or maybe even a Fetishist in me (since I find black men attractive).

    There, I said it.

    PS- I really like August's words. And I do hate the term "tolerance".

  3. Here's the thing about you, Mira (IMHO, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, and I may very well be).

    You're not a white American and so you're not really going to fit in any of those categories, and that's strictly who's being categorized here. The Decent White Folks of America have to fight, because they have much to fight for. John Brown fought; his fight helped trigger an even bigger fight. When you're dealing with a deeply conditioned group of people, a fight is all they're going to understand - and John Brown knew this. He also knew it ultimately his fight and he - and all like him - needed to fight. White Americans have to clean up their own house, not wait around for someone to do it for them.

    You're not a Loudmouth. You don't throw tantrums when POC point our racism. You don't spend hours writing about your white pride and how black people are so mean and ungrateful.

    You're not a Fetishist. You don't troll blogs and forums trying to score an easy hook-up (at least, not that I know of). You don't dehumanize POC because you already see them as "people".

    You're soooooooo not a Bohemian. You wouldn't even be on these blogs if you were.

    You're not a Self-Loathing Survivor. You don't hate your skin, or your people, or your country. You're not willing to say absolutely anything to make POC like you.

  4. I can assure you I don't troll websites in search of a hook up. lol

    In fact, I think I'm in a category not mentioned here: a learner.

  5. Yeah...white Americans aren't really into the learnin'. Just look at ole Abagond's blog.

  6. The 21st century seems like it's gonna be an Armageddon for a LOT of folks. It's going be a Great Sorting. It's just that this time, White folks are included as well. That's why you get the self-loathing survivors, and I think most of the so-called White anti-racists are from that ilk. Like you said, they're looking down the barrel of the future. And unless they're going to suspend/throw out the Constitution and institue a new one with martial law a la Apartheid South Africa, they don't see White being able to hold their hegemony. They're trying to build a rep NOW for being one of the "good uns" so they'll have a basement to hide in "when duh Rebbolooshun comes." But really so that all their PoC "friends" remember them when the power changes hands.

    As for the Bohemians, the ones I've known my whole life will FUCK PoC, especially Blacks, but when they MARRY, they marry White, crunchy-granola White, but White still. The men MAY settle for marrying an AW, but no darker.

    They have much in common with a group I call the Sexual Cynics. They'll fuck and even marry PoC to proclaim THEMSELVES as race-free suddenly. The Bohemians do the same but with lifestyle ("I voted for Obama. I'm liberal. I even FUCKED a Black girl once. Therefore I CANNOT be racist."). Both believe that their one-off actions (fucking or deigning to marry a PoC, especially one from an undesirable group) have inocculated them from racism as if racism was the chicken pox or strep throat. You get it, suffer it, take medicine (in the form of PoC genitalia) and you're cured of it forever and ever and no longer have to do any work in that regard. Whereas racism is more like Type I diabetes. You're born with it and you have to pay attention to it and take various measures against it so it doesn't get out of hand and maybe even maim or kill you.

    A lot of the Sexual Cynics are of the Self-Loathing Survivors group, especially if they've BRED with PoC and therefore have offspring in common. "You can't put me against the wall! My brown children will be without a mother/father!!" They're gonna latch onto PoC's coattails via marriage and children in common.

  7. what about white people who staunchly deny the existence of racism, or white people who happily take advantage of their white privilege and are complacent with the status quo of oppression?

  8. @ hunter

    They're the Loudmouths.

  9. Oh, how I hate the intellectuals (who I'm guessing fall in the Loudmouth category). Most of the time they throw incorrect statistics at you, and then when you correct it conveniently miss that part. The level of fail in their doings is 2-fold: not only are they trying to argue away racism, but they are also trying to play the "I'm smarter than you, so listen you uneducated Negro" card. They get on my damn nerves--the idea that POC could know more about something than White folks? Perish the thought!

  10. They get on my damn nerves--the idea that POC could know more about something than White folks? Perish the thought!

    We know more about dancing and playing basketball and rapping.

    Now if knowing more about something gets White folks all antsy - imagine a non-Asian* POC being just plain smarter than them. That shit right there causes heads to spontaneously combust then implode!

    (* Asians only get to be smarter than White people in math and science and Traditional Asian Stuff like martial arts. Well, to an extent.)

  11. @ RVCBard

    Anything you can do, he can do better. He can do anything better than you. Oh yes he can, especially if you happen to be of Asian, Pacific Islander, Indian, African, Aboriginal or Native American descent. It doesn't matter that you have spent your entire life living in the densest African jungle, being taught how to survive there since you were old enough to stand up — the moment Mighty Whitey arrives in your town (most likely as a prisoner of war, an orphan or a lost traveler), you might as well hang up your blowpipe and take up crochet.

    Damn...that author was on a roll...until about the end. Foreign audiences aren't less accepting of black stars. Just because they don't care for Will Smith doesn't mean they don't want to see black people.

    *raises eyebrow*

  12. But I don't think you'll be lurking for long. I think you'll soon be gone to tell/warn other WP not to visit that den of nigger she-beasts that is Ankh's blog. And we'd be much obliged to you if you do.

    Too late. One of the Good Darkies already has:

    AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW! Po' White folk! Don't want to subject their oh so delicate sensibilities to the wrath of us nigger she-beasts. They might think SHE's like US! Heavens forfend!

  13. @ Witch

    I'm not even lookin'. I just interviewed Andrew muthafuckin' Chen and I ain't lettin' nobody fuck up my day after that.

  14. @RVCBard,

    ThatDeborahGirl is Black. She's just trying to be the Good Darkie telling us Bad 'Uns how to behave.

    Can't they at least come up with something MORE original?

  15. @Witchsistah:

    I know she's Black. Never claimed otherwise. I'm just linking her comment to shit that I've also seen White folks do. Seriously, how much more clear can I be when I say, "not picking on you"?

    It sucks to be an INTJ sometimes - people always too eager to read into shit.

  16. Oh God...I have had a youtube account for years and when I first started, I was PC out of my ears. I logically proved everything, wrote long essays, prepared my information just right...then after a year I loosened up, decided there was nothing left to prove, and started ranting with all my heart and soul.
    Now, I get the same accusations of being racist, but at least I can rest assured that the fire is out, and I got my point across clearly and directly. It's there for those who are ready to listen.

  17. I really appreciate that you blog about the things you blog about. I hope that more WP come here and stay to read. We really need to hear/see all of it.

    I challenge any white lurker here who shakes his or her head to lay down all defensive feelings and just listen. Forget you're white for a second. Stop protecting that and listen.

    It kills me to know that most WP are too weak for their own lives. And I say "they" because that is one part of being white that I know I don't embody. There could never be a REAL revolution here in America because no one could handle the amount of work that goes into it. Even as individuals, most WP can't even handle our own race-fails without losing it and becoming defensive. WP as a group getting it together enough to say, "Man, I fucked up. What can I do to make this better?" will never happen.

    The sad part is, if you're doing all you can do you really will lose jobs and friends, and you'll lose respect for people you once respected. Most WP are too weak to handle that loss. It's a long-long fall from the ivory tower. And there's nothing cushy to land on once you hit the ground.

  18. There could never be a REAL revolution here in America because no one could handle the amount of work that goes into it. Even as individuals, most WP can't even handle our own race-fails without losing it and becoming defensive. WP as a group getting it together enough to say, "Man, I fucked up. What can I do to make this better?" will never happen.

    *nods* That's all I'm sayin;.


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