Comtemplating "White People's Perspective on Rain (Bi)"

I hear a lot of people say he's "cocky" or "arrogant" in interviews, but to me, [Rain's] just joking around for the most part when he talks about being sexy and whatever else. He says it with a chuckle and a twinkle in his eyes, yet he's arrogant because of it. They're using code words. They're calling him "uppity", and we all know what that means: The Asian man is not in his place.

Like people have said before, the white American press (and a lot of the white American public) really don't know what to do with this man. And he could care less.
*The words in bold really resonated with me when I first read this comment by blogger Cinnamon (she posted it on the old Blasian Narrative comm as "Fangirl Utopia"). I asked if she could do a discussion post on the new Blasian Narrative site expanding on this observation, and she generously obliged.  My favorite lines:
"In all of their high-minded privilege, these people seem to forget that this particular Asian man didn’t grow up in a country that treats him like a second-class citizen. They brush aside the fact that in Korea, he’s the majority, and therefore, doesn’t see white as an automatic default. To their neverending chagrin, this Asian man ain't bowing and scraping, shuckin’ and jivin’, skinnin’ and grinnin', or all around coonin' like a proper POC is supposed to do."


  1. I can't be bothered with their perspective. I've got my own. This walking talking ass-shaking multiple orgasm carries the title of His Unbearable Sexiness. No contemplation is necessary. ;)

  2. I wish this was like facebook cuz I 'LIKE' this so much words cannot describe

  3. I can't be bothered with their perspective..

    True, but I loved Cinnamon's writing so much I just had to give it a shout-out.

  4. "His Unbearable Sexiness" indeed, if they can't see it they the ones missing out.

  5. Wait a minute - I gave him that title!

    Methinks it's a new addition for the Addictionary!

  6. @Ankhesen,

    Yes, you did give him that title! Don't worry. I read Cinnamon's article in its entirety, shaking and nodding my head and sometimes giggling along the way. My comments were meant to convey how little I regard the average WP's opinion about anything. They simply aren't on my radar and that's not only because I'm away from them. They weren't even on my mind when I lived in the Deep South. Like my grandmothers both say, "We wanted equal rights. We didn't want to live or breed with them."

    I have three Caucasian friends (racism is illogical and incomprehensible to these German, Belgian and Norwegian ladies) and two buddies. If they aren't talking, I'm generally not listening.

    Rain = His Unbearable Sexiness

  7. I loved Cinnamon's article so much, that I couldn't help but tell my mother about it. Now, she's over 50&she's not too aware of Asian culture, or what goes on in the markets and the societies, but when I told her about how Rain "just won't stay in his place," she thought it was great.
    With the both of us having to deal with WP so much everyday, I think we both, as the rest of us sistas here, can learn a lesson from our dear Bi. We can live in the WP's world while easily defying their perspectives WITHOUT cringing, becoming so upset that they won't speak to us anymore blah blah blah (insert stupid excuses here.) WE can be like His Unbearable Sexiness (I love that title, Ankhesen ^.^)and laugh out loud at the WP's bafflement, and possibly, ENCOURAGE other POC to do the same aka be THEMSELVES and not a White version of an Indian, Asian, Black, Hispanic or other person.


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