Behold the "Unfortunate" Side Effects of Racism...

...and learn how to deal with them, white people.

Keep in mind that I read all of these today.  It's the water or something.

So I started with Anna Renee's post on AfroSpear and she writes about feeling guilty about not wanting white people moving into her neighborhood which, by the way, is located in Oakland, CA.
...let me introduce you to Oakland California, USA, the city that I have lived in for the past 27 years. Oakland, the city known for the “Epic Beard Man” that old white guy who beat the crap out of a young black man on the bus.

Oakland, the city known for the Oakland Riders, not RAIDERS, but RIDERS, a group of rogue cops that brutalized suspected drug dealers and covered up their actions. Oakland, the city known for the Ebonics firestorm when its school board passed a resolution to recognize the legitimacy of “Ebonics” or African American vernacular english (AAVE).

Ah, my city of Oakland. The home of the brutal Oscar Grant murder and subsequent trial going on–moved to Los Angeles because of fear of Oakland youth uprisings.

Anna Renee's got a white couple moving in and doesn't like it.  Even as she admits it to herself and all of us, she's in conflict with herself.
...And here comes these kids, skipping along the sidewalk like they are completely welcome and all is well for them. As though nothing can happen to them. Girl with back exposed and guy with legs exposed.
I’m almost afraid for them.

They ought to live on the other side of MacArthur Blvd, where the rest of them are–for their own safety! They just don’t fit in over here with me and my Nigerian, African American, Latino, Laotian, Chinese, and Filipino brothers and sisters! They stand out with their wide eyed smiling faces!

In addition to this, how am I supposed to deal with them? I have to determine where they stand in race relations. Are they the kind of white kids that expect things to fall in a certain hierachy? With them being at the top? Are they the kind of folks that pretend that they are “down” with black folks? Are they the kind of people who are ignorant about the dynamics of Oscar Grant situation, or the brutality of the police in this area? Are they on the side of the cops?...Do they have any understanding of the issues of the racial minorities in this area that they have moved into?
I reminded Anna that she didn't build the system; she's just been dealing with the side effects.  Does this make her not a racist?  No.  But that's not the whole issue here, now is it?

From Stuff White People Do (on whether or not whites should call out POC for being racist towards other POC):
The proper way would be to clean up your own house first. This should serve as a lesson to the lingering legacy of racism and the detrimental effect it has on non-whites. The insidious nature of internalized racism turns non-whites against each other the very same way whites have done to them. When racism ceases to be a reality in this country then you are free to call it out in another country. Considering the sad and terrible racial climate in this country, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black.
My, my...white folks are finding themselves in an increasingly awkward situation, aren't they?  Not wanted in neighborhoods of color, not wanted for their oh my, where ever does this animosity come from?

From Abagond:
...Whites have this self-image of themselves as being fair and just and well-meaning, as being colour-blind, as making it on their own. They will go to great lengths to defend that self-image because it is a part of their sense of who they are...Their loyalty to their race is more important than their search for truth.
...and so the plot thickens.

So What's My Take On All This?

As I was saying to Anna, she didn't build the system; she's dealing with the side effects.  Let me clarify something: I do not think POC should discriminate against or dehumanize white folks - ever.  It would be counterproductive and, quite frankly, hypocritical.  But my measly opinion isn't going to change the way the winds blow.  It can't reverse history, nor the karma of that history.

We are witnessing yet another stage of white denial.  From "we never did anything" to "we don't do anything", we're now coming to "...thus there should be no consequences."

White people have always been warned of "consequences".  For centuries whites in America were warned of "consequences."  And today, whites themselves will nod and easily say, "Well, yes...'someday', we may very well experience those consequences.", mates.  You're experiencing them now.  And this...this is just a taste of things to come.

Ah...but we know how well things never happen "now" with white folks.  Someone else always did it.  Someone else always does it.  Someone else will have to pay for it.


  1. Deep insights about white people here, and hints (for me anyway) of some things deeper still.

    I think white people in general just aren't ready to topple from the top. Psychologically, emotionally, in terms of what we know (and think we know) and still don't know . . . we're just not ready. A lot of us, probably most of us, don't even think we are on top anymore. And so, our fall hasn't been, and won't be, graceful.

  2. Thanks for another great post. I read blogs like yours and macon's to keep humble and keep learning about racism. I find a lot of white people, when they are confronted with (their own or others') racism, are in the beginning stages of white guilt, and it's an uncomfortable feeling, so they repress and deny it, instead of learning and moving past the guilt. We have to deal with the consequences of our past. Thanks for writing =)

  3. Would a denial of consequences be another symptom of draptoresponsia?

    I'm working on a scientifical scholarlistic paper, and I need the Aristotle's advice about how to categorize this most unfortunately of unfortunate tendencies of the melanin-challenged populace.

  4. @ RVCBard

    You are hilarious.

    Denial of consequences falls under the first of symptom of draptoresponsia (delusional thinking).

  5. Wonder what's going to happen to those smiling, shiny kids with ish pops off on that side of the tracks? Think they'll suddenly decide that the neighborhood's too rough and move away?

    *starts keeping time* Keep us posted, Moi.

  6. Smiling, chippy white kids + the hood = DISASTER

  7. Not sure what to say here.

    WHY did they move in that neighbourhood, I wonder?

    Whites will have to face the fact they are not welcomed everywhere anymore, and that there are certain places where they are not in the control. Those who are in charge there might not be fair (it's certainly not a good thing to not to "allow" white people in a neighbourhood), but if they are in charge, they can do whatever they want, right?

    I'm not saying it's a good thing, but next generation of whites, I guess, will have to face some consequences.

  8. ...they are not welcomed everywhere anymore

    But if you recall, they were not welcomed everywhere to begin with, which is sort of what started this mess.

    I'm not saying it's a good thing, but next generation of whites, I guess, will have to face some consequences.

    And what I meant was, they're dealing with it now. Granted, it's only the beginning, but it's happening now nonetheless. And in typical white American denial, it's going right over their heads.


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