Underappreciated Musician of Color #16: Big Phony

Bobby Choy is a truly talented multi-tasker; in addition to acting he's a sensitive singer and guitarist who goes by the stage name Big Phony.  A tall, broad-shouldered, full-lipped, and darkly handsome type, he looks damn sexy in jeans.

Don't let that shy, sweet, fidgets-in-interviews image fool you, though.  As you can see in Ktown Cowboys, ole boy here can - and does - throw down.  I first spied Mr. Thang here when I mistakenly watched a clip from the 6th episode rather than starting at the beginning.  Needless to say, he caught my attention at once.

See what I meant about the jeans?

In the meantime, you gotta hear this man sing.  Yup...that's live.  That's how he sounds live.



  1. Oh. My. GOOOOOOD. I fell for him the very first Ktown Cowboys episode he was in. I have never been so disappointed to find out someone is married (it could've happened okay!!!1) ;_____;

    SO not only is he smokin' hot and sweet and adorable and sexy, he plays guitar and sings too. ::weeps:: Whoever his wife is, she's a damn lucky bitch >.>

    Man, whoever says Asian men aren't sexy really need to sort themselves out

  2. He's adorable! Love him as Rob in KTown. He and Danny (the comedian) are my faves.

  3. @ Rochelle

    My mistake - he's NOT married. As of now, he reports never even having been in love.

  4. Imagine what would happen if he covered Massive Attack's "Teardrop" a la Jose Gonzalez.

    It would be utterly angelic.

  5. Ms. Mie, I am a Ktown Cowboys fan and stumbled on your blog. I love love love your blog and every one of your posts!! Please keep up the excellent work! You have a new fan!!

  6. @ Julie

    Welcome! I hope you stick around!


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