Underappreciated Actress of Color #37: Nicole Lyn

Born on February 24, 1978 as Nicole Stephanie Danielle Lyn, stunning-eyed Miss Thang here is a product of some Blasian lovin'.  Her mother's a Jamaican of African descent, and her father's a Jamaican of Chinese and Caucasian descent (when they say "one love" on that island...they are not playin').

She's actually a Canadian citizen; she was born in Brampton, Ontario and raised in Toronto specifically.  You know her; you've seen her in a lot of stuff...from Feast of All Saints to The West Wing to Deliver Us From Eva to Half & Half to Psych (she's actually married to Psych star, Dulé Hill), even in The L Word (chica gets around)!

I'm proud that Nicole Lyn's worked as hard as she's had (she had to get naked and endure a rape scene in Feast of All Saints), but I don't think she gets nearly enough credit for all her hard work.  As of now, I don't see any upcoming projects from her, but I hope she's just on a temporary hiatus.


  1. I still remember Nicole Lyn when she first appeared on an episode in Nickelodeon's "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" show. I also watched her on a show, the Canadian version of "Saved By The Bell" called Student Bodies. She's a lovely lady and a pretty good actress to boot.

  2. Indeed, she's quite gorgeous. And still so young! I wonder if she does acting part-time now...like, if she likes a project a lot she goes with, but if not, she passes.

  3. I actually liked Student Bodies, and I was born and raised in Brampton. I'm black and my girlfriend is half Caucasian and half Chinese. Our first child, a girl, is due later this spring, and I hope she looks something like Nicole. A very beautiful and talented actress I hope we haven't seen the last of.

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