Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #17: Peter Jae

Hi, there...yes.

This sculpted, six-foot, jaw-dropping specimen of a man is actor Peter Jae (a.k.a. Pedro Kim), one of the stars of the popular webseries Ktown Cowboys.  Initially, one of his co-stars caught my attention...until Mr. Thang here peeled off his shirt.


Jae's had some gigs; he does his damnedest to stay busy.  But how Hollywood abstains from displaying this man all over the silver screen...completely escapes me. *throws hands in the air*

Now, I've already joined the ranks of Ktown Cowboy devotees, so needless to say, I'm going to pay this man a lot of attention from hereon out.


  1. that is too much man for me, I like my guys with a slimmer build

    I'll check out Ktown cowboys this weekend

  2. For me, he's juuuuuuuuuust right.

  3. He's a piece of work in KTown. I'll be writing my thread on Blasian Narrative today. Finally. :-)

  4. I lurrrrve it. Keep them coming. lol

  5. @ chkaran,

    It's about time I heard from you! Was wondering what happened.

    However...I'm not entirely surprised that this is the post where you chose to make your return....


  6. hahaha that's my older brother!!!! i can't believe i just found this online lol

    1. Is this David? If it is, we met at Jet last summer You told me to check out your brother in KTown Cowboys. Reply!

  7. @ Anonymous

    Leave a name, please.

  8. @the lady:

    I'm so sorry to hear that...I require a man to have some meat on his bones, but to each her own. Needless to say, this foxy little puppy could easily get an Amaya break-off if Rick Yune isn't in the vicinity. I would suck the fuck out of those pecs and scrub my panties on that washboard of a torso! Sweet baby Jesus!

    Hey Anon, if this is your brother, then can you get him to swing this way? Don't be bullshitting around with the info, ya know.

  9. Chatted with him once on fb....seemed like a really nice guy....

  10. His body is perfect. I like big dudes like him. Rain always looks better when he's thicker as well. Peter seems like a real guy. I saw some of his clips on youtube. He's very New York (Which I love. I'm from Harlem)

    Hope to see more from Peter in the future. He has a lot of personality and a great presence.


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