Middle Child Press: The Sultry Court

As some of you may know, I co-founded an eBook publishing company called Middle Child Press.

My partner Amaya Radjani and I did this because we noticed - courtesy of the debates and discussions throughout the fandomsphere (if ain't already a word, you best believe it's one now) - that literary entertainment needs of WoC are soooooooo not being met.  We already detest what's offered to us by way of Hollywood (and that's just the bullshit black women have to deal with) because the whole damn institution has had it out for us from day one.    We've since learned not to get our hopes up.  But when literature - written by our own sometimes, mind you - is falling short, you know we've really hit rock bottom.

Our first creation, The Sultry Court Anthology: Volume I, is expected to be available this winter.  It'll be the first in our erotic collection.  Don't forget to grab a taste from the Writer's CafĂ©!


  1. read the previews..."wow!" is all i can say!

  2. Rubs hands together in glee. Sounds "juicy".

  3. @ Lenoxave

    Oh...no you didn't!

  4. Previews are yummy to say the least. Stories can be really hotter than the movies if you ask me, especially if they are written by women.

  5. Sounds intriguing. Can't wait!

  6. Oh my! Nicely done ladies!!! Hot!


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