Massa & His Favorite Wench...Reunited At Last

"[the people of Iwalatan in West Africa] were generous to me and entertained me...and as for their women - they are extremely beautiful and are more important than the men...."

~Ibn Battuta, Islamic explorer, 1352

"...African countries mentioned include Bobali & Bibaluo, Zengba and Zengbalou. While Bobali and Bibalou seem to point to modern day Somalia, Zengba and Zengbaluo refer more broadly to East Africa. These names are possibly Chinese versions of Arab names....

"...The customs of people who inhabited these countries were extensively written on. The women of Bobali are 'pure and upright' or 'clean and of proper behaviour'...."

"They don't want to acknowledge Asian men as men. Plus, the massa and his favorite wench fantasy is still alive and well.

"The Gods know if Rain had put his lips and hips on Naomie, the theaters would have burned down. Every action movie has at least one gratuitous sex scene. If such a scene shows up on a Blu-Ray extra, I'll scream bloody murder.

"I would argue vehemently that Mika deserved a good fuck after saving Raizo's fine ass at least four times. She deserved a hit and a big Ooooooooooo!!!! Instead, she got stabbed, a heart check and a cheek rub.

"We must take over this fandom...."

~commenter on the Blasian Narrative, as to why sex was absent from Ninja Assassin

So I'm on the Blasian Narrative, lamenting the lack of Raizo/Mika love in Ninja Assassin, and I issued a challenge of sorts to find movie clips of Rain and Naomie Harris kissing people or just generally being sexy.  You know, something to salve the wound.  Which, when you think about it, is pretty damn infuriating that POC have to do this in the 21st goddamn Century.

While "researching" for my little challenge, I came across the film August, where Josh Hartnett and Naomie Harris get nekkid and sweaty with each other.  I found a clip of the sex scene buried amongst other similarly themed sex scenes - black women with white guys.  Behold:

Alfie: Nia Long & Jude Law
Die Another Day: Halle Berry & Pierce Brosman
Heroes: Tawny Cypress & Milo Ventimiglia
Mission Impossible 2: Tom Cruise & Thandie Newton
Eureka: Sallie Richardson & Colin Ferguson
Lincoln Heights: Erica Hubbard & Robert Adamson
August: Josh Hartnett & Naomie Harris
Something New: Simon Baker & Sanaa Lathan
Dance with Me: Chayanne & Vanessa Williams
Nip/Tuck: Sanaa Lathan & Julian McMahon

Now let me add a couple more:

Avatar: Zoe Saldana & Sam Worthington (CGI be damned)
Star Trek (2009): Zoe Saldana & Zachary Quinto
Guess Who: Zoe Saldana & Ashton Kutcher
Bones: Tamara Taylor & David Boreanaz (briefly)
Monster's Ball: Halle Berry & Billy Bob Thornton
Wonderful World: Sanaa Lathan & Matthew Broderick
Supernova: Angela Bassett & James Spader
Strange Days: Angela Bassett & Ralph Fiennes
Lakeview Terrace: Patrick Wilson & Kerry Washington
Boston Legal: Kerry Washington & James Spader (again, briefly)
Love Song: Monica & Christian Kane
The Bodyguard: Kevin Costner & Whitney Houston

And y'all can feel free to tack on whatever I've forgotten.

Anyhoo, these are considered "major films" and "major shows" - lots of press, lots of hype, lots of fans, and fairly decent budgets.  And in these, a black woman was the love interest.  However, out of all of these, only Vanessa Williams got a love interest who's also of color.


You're probably wondering why that's an issue.  I mean, this whole "interracial thing" is supposed to be good, right?  Well...first, you have to understand that a comment on a previous post really stuck out to me: "They complain when a WM is attracted to a beautiful black woman and now they're complaining because a gorgeous Asian man is attracted to a beautiful black woman. So...what? POC can't even have each other now?"

And then on the Blasian Narrative, yet another comment stuck out to me: "Ankh, do you think that fans and their possible reaction to fine men like Bi acting w/a woman of another race is a deterrent to an actor?  Fans can be so damned psycho, that I wonder if some of these dudes fear backlash to their careers."

Now, I've recently been talking a lot about the issue of black women's looks and the reactions of non-black folks to our looks.  The common notion is that we're considered unattractive, that nobody wants us, that actors fear they'll ruin their careers if they touch us onscreen, and that because of supposed black female undesirability, we're all destined to die alone.

Well, whattaya's not the case.  More importantly, it never really has been.

In fact, the direct opposite is the case.  We're extremely desirable.  We've been desired since day one, from the first time an image of our ancient queens crossed waters, to when the first enslaved African woman was chained and hauled to foreign shores.  The desire for African women has never ceased.  And for every time a black leading lady has been declared an "annoying bitch" or "stupid cunt" or "lacking chemistry" with her love interest, such commentary usually comes from the mouths and keyboards of white women.

Thus emerges the answer to the $64,000 question: why is such an effort made to devalue and dehumanize black women?  If we're not a threat, why go to such extensive lengths to denounce us?

White America has a history of "controlling" whatever it deems a threat.  Black men seem threatening?  Lock 'em up.  Latino men too? Throw 'em in as well.  Native American rights to their ancestral land gettin' ya down?  Just pretend they don't exist anymore.   Jews still thriving after 2000 years of persecution?  Encourage anti-Semitism to keep on keepin' on.  Asians becoming a threat financially, academicially, and militarily?  Emasculate the ever lovin' hell outta them.

People still desiring black women after all these millennia and after all these institutionalized roadblocks?  That's cool...but set them aside for white boys only (especially since black women tend to reject them more than anyone else).  Everyone else can look, admire, and even be seen with long as they don't actually touch us.  This way everyone else - including black men - will get the "hands off" message.

Behold white privilege yet again, children.  Jude Law, Pierce Brosnan, Josh Hartnett, James Spader, Matthew Broderick, Billy Bob Thornton, David Boreanaz, you name it - none of them feared for their careers when they stripped and got into the sack with black actresses.  Zachary Quinto coolly and comfortably defended his kiss with Zoe Saldana.  None of them got slapped with any stigma - none.  Meanwhile...rumor has it singer/actor Rain feared he'd alienate his Asian fans if he got too physical with Naomie Harris in Ninja Assassin.  And we've already heard every possible excuse for the lack of Blasian love in Romeo Must Die, from the casting of the male lead to the cutting of the kiss scene.  And with Jennifer Beals playing a Latina and Russell Wong playing a "white-ish" guy in Prophecy II, their steamy love scene went right under the radar.

And let's not forget...the love Latino men have for black women is nigh on infamous.  So where the hell are the smoldering films depictin' that shit?  Not just indies, not shorts - major films.  Where are they?

POC, never think Hollywood has your best interests at heart.  Ever.  Because this bullshit right here isn't about encouraging a post-racial society to take root and flourish.  This isn't about encouraging white folks to fully appreciate, respect, and understand POC.  This about control...again.  This is merely divide and conquer.  Keep POC from POC by any means necessary (remember FlashForward? 'Cause you can bring that up).

And POC, notice how smooth this development has been...beginning in the friggin' 1990s.  Silent.  Deadly.  Fuck...we didn't even realize this shit was happening until now.

If I'm off, let me know.  But by all means, share with me: When was the last time a "giant" film or TV show had a black woman in love with, being adored by, and visibly being made love to by a man of color?  And don't list the train wreck that was FlashForward; that lovin' went down in the flames.  The last time I saw a black women being passionately made love to a man neither who was black nor white was in Akira's Hip-Hop Shop, a thirtysome-minute digital indie flick.  You're damn right it grabbed my attention.  Ninja Assassin's the only other movie I've rewound the hell out of ever since.

Again folks, interracial love doesn't just mean "black and white".  And not only do I want to see more black women onscreen, but I want to see them darker-skinned, curlier-haired, fuller-lipped, and wrapped in the loving arms of black, Latino, Asian, Polynesian, and Native American men and women.

There will be no Happy Montage Skip-to-the-End Thinking with me.  Before we see POC being all tra-la-la with white folks, we need to see POC being tra-la-la with one another.  'Cause when white folks are gone - and eventually go they shall - we're still going to be dealing with one another.  Best we lay some healthy foundations down now.


  1. Lol this is too freaky. After reading your Addicts post TODAY, i went to find more movies featuring Naomie Harris cos i love her and saw august. Boy...her and Hartnett in that movie was smoking!! If you want to watch just go to and search for august. its there. nomad is there, ninja assassin is think i am about to OD on movies. Ok im gonna go back to reread this post.

  2. Also, i have had strange days up on my computer for a couple of days now. but i always get sidetracked by A Different World on

  3. Yup, tell like it is. We are in the age of Aquarius, people are waking up cuz they smell the bulls**t that's right next to their beds. Wow, glad I'm not the only one who see this.

  4. Have you seen the "Fakin' the Funk" movie with Tatyana Ali and Dante Basco (one of the main characters from City Guys? That's all I got. :-/

  5. I thought of a few more (I have waayyy too much time on my hands):

    Death at a Funeral: Zoe Saldana and James Marsden/Luke Wilson (implied)
    The Score: Angela Bassett & Robert DeNiro
    Mistress: Sheryl Lee Ralph & Robert DeNiro
    Fantastic Four: Kerry Washington & Michael Chiklis
    Malibu's Most Wanted: Regina Hall & Jaime Kennedy
    The Losers: Zoe Saldana & Jeffrey Dean Morgan
    Haven: Zoe Saldana & Orlando Bloom

    Eureka: Salli Richardson-Whitfield & Ed Quinn (ex-husband and got remarried, character killed off)
    Hawtorne: Jada Pinkett-Smith & Michael Vartan (will be heating up this season)
    Stompin at the Savoy: Vanessa Bell Calloway & John D'Aquino
    The Josephine Baker Story: Lynn Whitfield & ??? (sorry, couldn't find the actor's name)
    True Jackson, VP: Keke Palmer & Robbie Amell

  6. Dante Basco is so sexy and under used. They still got him playing teenagers.

  7. @ Jasmin

    You're thinking about Dion Basco from City Guys, but it was his brother Dante Basco who was in Fakin' da Funk. Also, it unfortunately doesn't count, because that film wasn't "major".

    @ cinnamon

    Eureka is already listed but see!??!??!?? Damn...this list is getting a little too long....

    Where are the men of color? What the hell happened to them? 85% of our species is of color, and yet Hollywood would have us thinking all the MoC died off or something!!!!

  8. Where are the men of color? What the hell happened to them? 85% of our species is of color, and yet Hollywood would have us thinking all the MoC died off or something!!!!

    Agreed wholeheartedly. I remember when I first started watching Doctor Who and Torchwood and saw so many interracial couples, I thought, “Well, isn’t that a great thing to see?” Especially because we’re still so damn uptight about that in America. It was kind of refreshing. I’d never seen anything like it. But then, I started to notice a rather disturbing trend; every black person was paired with a white person. Every damn one.

    Now that might not seem so innocuous on its face, but if you stare at it long enough, it makes you wonder what the showrunners thought was wrong with a black/black or black/other POC relationship? They took pains to drop anvils on our heads to “showcase” black/white interracial couples, but seemed to go out of their way to portray Mickey and Martha like second best also-rans. What kind of message does that send? Or more importantly, what kind of subliminal message does that send when it’s done season after season after season (both the Mickey/Martha situation, and the continued black/white interracial coupling)?

    When it’s time for a black/black or black/other POC loving relationship, we get FlashForward, Romeo Must Die, Ninja Assassin and I’m sure there are plenty of others.

    We also have the phenomenon of the black woman only being paired with white men in movies. I mean, look at Zoe Saldana. When’s the last time you’ve seen her paired up with a black or Latino man in a major movie? It seems that when a black actor/actress reaches a certain level, no more black relationships for them (unless it’s a Tyler Perry movie). Something's certainly not right, I know that much.

    And as an aside, it’s a damn shame when an 11-yr old gets to kiss his Chinese “girl who's a friend” in a movie (Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid), but grown-ass Raizo and Mika are kept apart. *sigh*

  9. And as an aside, it’s a damn shame when an 11-yr old gets to kiss his Chinese “girl who's a friend” in a movie (Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid), but grown-ass Raizo and Mika are kept apart. *sigh*

    I knew it. When the MALE is black, a kiss is permitted.

    When’s the last time you’ve seen her paired up with a black or Latino man in a major movie?

    Not since Drumline, but this August, she's supposed to play Chris Brown's woman in Takers.

    And the only reason I plan to see THAT movie is 'cause of Michael Ealy.

    But the fact I can specifically list two - and only two - is a damn shame.

    We need more Blasian and Blacktino love. *shrug* Just sayin'.

  10. @Moi: I knew it. When the MALE is black, a kiss is permitted.

    lol. While I agree to an extent that this is true, though it is heavily dependent on who produces the movie, the Karate Kid remake is probably not the best example. From what I heard, though I have yet to verify it with through research, this movie was made, primarily, for Jayden Smith. Mommy and Daddy Smith allegedly used some of their money and clout to get the movie remade for him.

    So, to be honest, I'm a little iffy on this one being a great example of Hollywood working its interracial "magic". However there a few other examples that you could use such as Denzel Washington's character in Training Day with Eva Mendez (I hated that movie by the way), or...well that's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure they're a few others.

    Anyway, cosigned with this whole post. :D

  11. Zoe Saldana was paired with TWO Black males in "Premium", Hill Harper and Dorian Missick. It came out in 2006, four years after Drumline.

    One other movie featuring a Black woman in an interracial romance was "Foreign Student" with Robin Givens and Philippe Leclerc. I caught it late one night on On Demand.

  12. @ Vagrant X

    Karate Kid is major film - never discount these. Not when they're "hookin' kids young".


    I don't recall Premium. I don't think it was a major film.

  13. @Moi: That's true. *I guess I might just be caught up on the fact that they remade this horrible movie just for Jaden Smith and added extra bits of absurdity to it*. I suppose that, in the end, they wouldn't have done so if they couldn't throw some propaganda in there, 'eh?

    *Can someone explain to me, logically, why this film had to be set in China? Seriously, wasn't the original set in California? What was wrong with that? They're are plenty of Asian Americans from all over living in Northern Cali. and such. And why are the "villains" little Asian boys? And why was it necessary for an 11 year old to have a girl-who-is-a-friend? Also, why can't Jaden Smith act his way out of paper bag, but persists in attempting to be an actor? Will any of these questions be answered!?

    Ugh, I'm foaming at the mouth again...

  14. Moi,

    Premium wasn't a major film. Zoe hadn't been in many major films until this past year.

  15. The thing that gets me fired up is that it shouldn't have taken Will & Jada's money and clout to get The Karate Kid made in the first place. Call me a cynic, but I highly doubt that the studio was doing backflips at the thought of having an all POC cast. If it wasn't for the Smiths, I highly doubt that The Karate Kid would have a black lead and I even question whether it would have been filmed in China. According to the studio, they certainly didn't expect it to do as well as it did (they would have been happy with half it's opening weekend haul of $56 million). I'm convinced that they fully expected The A-Team to beat it. IMO, Will and Jada shouldn't have had to jump through hoops to get this movie made, because I'm sure if Jaden Smith's name was Justin Bieber, the studio would have thrown the part at him, no questions asked.

    I've seen a lot of hateful (and racist) comments on some other boards about Jaden in general, and on others about how Will and Jada "bought" the movie for him. And they very well may have, but I say "Rock on, Will and Jada!" If he was my son and I knew that Hollywood was still essentially racist and he wasn't going to get a fair shake otherwise, I wouldn't have done the same thing.
    Superstar parents do this for their kids all the time, but now when black superstar parents, who happen to have both the money and the clout to get the deal done, it's a problem for some people. I'm certainly not surprised, but it still ticks me off. The double standards just keep on rolling.


    I knew it. When the MALE is black, a kiss is permitted.

    TPTB also don't seem to have a problem with an Asian woman getting hers. They just love to pair Asian women up with white men. And every once and a while they'll throw in a little Blasian BM/AW lovin'.

    I still can't figure out how a man like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Rick Yune, Rain, etc., can be ripped, kick ass, be fine (okay, I wouldn't call Jet Li or Jackie Chan fine, but you get my drift) and still not be considered manly enough to get the girl. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It appears to me that white men are a generally insecure lot, who constantly question and worry about how their own virility stacks up against other men of color. They need constant validation of their manliness and always have the need to see themselves as the hero and savior of everyone else (esp. POC). Why else would Hollywood keep churning out movies like Avatar, Dances with Wolves and The Last Samarai? Or whiten casts/characters like they did in Prince of Persia or The Last Airbender? And why else would they keep making tons of money? Someone's certainly watching them.

  16. It looks like the Karate Kid is going to need its own thread.

    Hang onto your comments until I post it.

  17. @cinnamon: Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on the Smiths for using their clout to produce a movie for their son, especially considering how racist Hollywood is and the two-bit roles they tend to give POC. However, that does not negate the following facts:

    1) Jaden Smith cannot act. Period. If there was something worth defending there then I would surely be on his side, but there is not. Now I know you can make the argument that there are quite a few individuals in Hollywood who cannot act to save their lives, especially white people (e.g.-Megan Fox, Ashton Kutcher, Will Ferrel, etc.), but that doesn't change the fact that he cannot act. Of course when it comes to backing him against the onslaught of racist comments he and the Karate Kid have been receiving then of course I'm on his side, but I thought that would be a given.

    2) The Karate Kid was a horrible movie (the sequels were even worse). There was no reason for the movie to be remade, even if only because of the following sub-points.

    a)"The Yellow Uncle Tom" stereotype. This film, the original, was even the primary example given on
    And though I haven't seen this most recent adaptation (I'm boycotting it because of the points being listed, with the notable exclusion of point number 1), I see no reason, based on the previews, why I should assume this incarnation should be any different than the last.

    b)"The Evil Asian Men" stereotype, which didn't even exist in the original! (As I recall the antagonists were white)

    Once again, if there was something to defend here than I would most definitely be defending it. But there is nothing redeeming about the Karate Kid. As far as I'm concerned the entire series is a blight on cinema, but that might just be me.

    3) In lieu on point number 2), I see no reason why films featuring POC should perpetuate the aforementioned stereotypes. Seriously, as Moi so thoughtfully pointed out, Hollywood is in the business of promoting whiteness as being progressively "interracial", while every other group of POC seems to "lag behind".

    So, in short, the only reason I say bump this film is not because I have something against Jaden Smith, despite point number 1, but rather only because of points 2 and 3.

  18. Dr Vagrant X: I totally disagree with ALL of your points.

    1. Whether or not Jaden Smith can act is subjective and a matter of opinion. I think he did a fine job in The Pursuit of Happyness and The Day the Earth Stood Still. I hated what they did to his character in the latter movie, but he did a good job with the material that he was given. This is an 11 year-old child you're talking about. Give him a chance to grow. The actors in the Harry Potter series were rough around the edges when they first came out too.

    2. I don't get why studios feel the need to remake old movies either, but it is what it is. No one forces anyone to see a particular movie. If you don't want to see it then don't. Why get so emotional over whether you think any movie deserves to be remade?

    3. Yes it would have been nice if there were some Chinese youth, besides the female character, that befriended Jaden's character and helped him deal with the bullies. However, they were in China so I would have not have assumed that the antagonist wouldn't be Chinese. Again, I don't see a reason for the strong negative reaction.

    4. I just don't see any STRONG racial problems in The Karate Kidwhich I see as mostly a kid's movie about overcoming adversity. I guess I'm missing something. BTW, are you as pissed that The Last Airbender failed to put any Asians in the lead roles? Or are you against that movie being made because it depicts Asian v Asian violence?

    I plan on taking my 4 nephews who are young Black males to see this movie. It's a thrill to finally have a young Black male as a hero in a major film. We've sat through all the Harry Potters, Narnias, Golden Compass', and New Moons where the stars/heroes/heroines are young White males and females. It's also a bonus that the obstacles that he has to overcome aren't living in the 'hood with a single crack-addicted mother, incarcerated father, asylum type school, and gang riddled neighborhood.

  19. FINAL WARNING: Hold all Karate Kid comments until its own thread arrives (some time tonight).

    Any more off topic comments will be deleted.

  20. Given how much I love hot sex, I'm freaking myself out by admitting that when I saw this montage, I was actually disgusted...repulsed. After seeing it, I just wanted to shower.

    Maybe it has to do with all of these scenes being lumped together. It just rubbed me the wrong way. I genuinely feel disrespected as a WOC.

  21. @ Hateya

    I think it is because seeing all the scenes together makes it more obvious what Hollywood is doing. Only white men can be show in sexual relationships with black women. No other MOC and very rarely any black men anymore.

  22. @ Hateya

    Maybe it has to do with all of these scenes being lumped together. It just rubbed me the wrong way. I genuinely feel disrespected as a WOC.

    It was a WoC who lumped all those scenes together, making you wonder WTF she was thinking. Maybe she likes white guys. Maybe she sees these films as "progress".

    Either way, a shower is necessary.

  23. Been away too long. Anyway, the current season of True Blood shows Tara with an Asian girlfriend.

  24. @ RVCBard

    How's that going? Is it being handled well at all?

  25. I didn't know know that Toni made that video with your royal! Not going to also forget about Vanessa and Cayenne*wiping my head of mock sweat*.I don't think that the man was named that for! All of these hot videos..where is my fan?

    I also wonder about Tom Cruise..that may somewhere in him he was a desire for a POC? Paula Patton also played his love interest in his latest MI flick. That was the second Black/biracial woman he stared with. Kind of thought about what Wendy Williams said about Connor Connor Cruise being his biological son. She said it for a joke,but have you really ever looked at him( Connor)? He looks like him and he focuses on him like Suri. Hmmm..makes you wonder sometimes?

  26. I'm new around these parts so forgive my lateness, but this resonated so much with me that I just had to say something. I was pretty young when Romeo Must Die came out--wait let me back up--I was shocked when I saw Aaliyah in a lead role with *gasp* a Asian male, but I was thrilled! I was a fan of Aaliyah but not old enough to understand the nuances of what was about to go down, however I was old enough to wonder where the hell all the sexiness was. Even at my young age I knew there was supposed to be a shower scene or heavy petting or something! I couldn't put my finger on why the romance was so cold it but I walked away feeling very unsatisfied.

    Anyway I'm so happy to discover that regrettably underground the Blasian narrative is strong, I'm so tired of hearing from my Asian friends that black women are viewed as ugly or uneducated by their cultures (insert Korean, Japanese, Indian etc..) or that we're all some wired Jezebels (in fact a friend of a friend wondered out loud how many Asian guys I've been with before; apparently she knew something I didn't.) I've been moving around the K-pop scene for a minute but I'm always uneasy with how the racial issues are swept under the rug. I'll be heading to Korea in a few months so I wonder how I might perceived by my fellow MOC. Here's hoping I bump into Rain in Seoul! :)


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