Draptoresponsia Case Study #11: The Anti-Racist Liberal Racist

Patient #0011

Clinician first learned of Patient 0011 when a demented fan of his was caught scribbling his name on the walls of Abagond's waiting room.  Clinician forgot about him, but then upon remembrance decided to finally analyze patient.

Patient 0011's most dominant draproresponsic symptom is his extreme narcissism, as evidenced by his pseudo-Shakespearean ode to himself daintily painted upon his cell walls.
Personally, I have been described as “otherworldly,”, “beyond highbrow,” “one of those totally out to lunch genius types,” and “off in my own world.” I have a very high IQ, and I’m told that a lot of high-IQ folks are like this. There doesn’t seem to be much I can do about it, but it does cause me problems.

...I have been called a liberal race realist. Liberal race realism is described as “a dash of race realism, positive white racial identity, the leftist view of American history, anti-racism, and a base of liberalism.”

I see myself as a pan-humanist universalist and a White ethnocentric anti-racist race realist, who strongly dislikes the PC, Cultural Marxist, Identity Politics, Western New Left.

I am a White advocate because I am White, and as Hillel says, “If I am not for myself, who am I for?” I hearken back to an earlier Left that did not shy from cultural critique, particularly of backwards and reactionary cultures.

Clinician senses patient also harbors delusions of being oppressed along with anger at feeling ignored, or at least, not appreciated in the manner in which he would prefer (patient is a "White advocate" and yet whites - as a group - are the one group in America with the least need for advocacy [except for regions like Appalachia]).

The patient's next characteristic is his Sweet Tooth; in his desire to have his racist cake and it eat too, he posits convenient definitions of racism and anti-racism in a futile attempt to avoid reproach:
I admit I am what is called a “liberal racist.” I am also a “White man’s burden” racist, which is pretty much the same thing. I am also a “scientific racist,” but I just call that telling the truth. I’m comfortable with these political errors of thought.

I would like to clear up my views about race and intelligence. There are presently differences in average intelligence between the races. I am agnostic on whether or not these differences are due to genes, culture or something in the air.

So don’t accuse me of saying certain races are “biologically inferior.” I do argue that IQ tests are an accurate measure of intelligence in most cases.

...I hate fascism, ethnic nationalism or ultranationalism of any kind. Despite this, idiots keep calling me fascist. Someone needs to explain this to me.
And yet when a clinician does attempt to explain, the patient resorts to sipping whine:
Even when you bend over backwards and try to accommodate them, it’s like we are never doing good enough. I go to Abagond, and a lot of times it is chastening. I think, “Wow, so this is what we are doing that is pissing off Blacks. Ok, let’s stop doing it.”

Then I resolve to do better.

But the grievance never ends, no matter how hard I try to do better. I’m still a White racist jerk, no matter what.
1) Readers should stop to recall that this complaint comes from a man who already admitted to being racist...and proud.  2) This self-professed supposed anti-racist made a classic error of turning the issue of white racism into being all about him and his feeling hurt.  His Sweet Tooth is evident once more, in that he "seeks a cookie" for simply resolving to do better while white racism soldiers on.

Patient 0011 finally reveals himself to be what he really is, but again seeks to ensure it's all on his terms.  Naturally...he fails:
Notorious provocateur and iconoclast, [I] [smash] all party lines.
The patient - whether intentionally or not - admits he is little more than sound and fury signifying nothing; he merely seeks attention, applause, and adulation to fill a gaping void.  There is, however, discernable fear and desperation in his words which support all four tenets of Jensen's Law (read another clinician's supplement to this law here).

Final Diagnosis

Patient 0011 is a deeply conflicted, draptoresponsic, white racist jerk fraught with denial, loathing, and frustration.  He hides behind the theories and philosophies of others in a Frasier Cranian attempt to distance himself from the reality of himself.

Suggested Treatment

Cold, hard reality.


  1. Co-sign on the suggested treatment. Why does this sound like a few people I know?

  2. Talking out both sides of the mouth...yes, indeed. That's a lot of people.

  3. Amen on the cold hard reality treatment. How do ppl maintain that kind of duplicity? No wonder they go mad.

  4. How do ppl maintain that kind of duplicity?

    White privilege.

  5. I’m comfortable with these political errors of thought.

    Even when you bend over backwards and try to accommodate them, it’s like we are never doing good enough.

    This nutjob is absolutely absurd. He does not deserve to be recognized by any intelligent, thinking person.

  6. Brains are like dicks, if you're constantly bragging about it, its probably because you're trying to make up for something. Guys like this is one of the reasons why referring to me as a genius tends to piss me off more than anything else. IQ tests have been shown to have a ton of cultural bias in them, which is probably the main reason some ethnic groups tend to test lower than others.

  7. Brains are like dicks, if you're constantly bragging about it, its probably because you're trying to make up for something.

    And he comes out swinging....

  8. Somehow I knew you'd have a post about what I just experienced.
    I was commenting on another blog that deals with racism and related topics, and I responded to question posed by another commenter with an example (she was doubting the existence of a certain situation b/c as a white woman, she'd never SEEN it).
    She responded by trying to order me to never comment to her again, and then made another comment to the blog moderator trying to call me a troll who should be banned.
    The kicker is that she of course held herself up as a textbook example of a white champion for anti-racism, and the article in question was about whites interfering with people of color's right to vote. She didn't understand how a legal citizen of the U.S. could lack a valid and current ID, and I gave an example which I qualified as being but one of many possibilities.
    But it was interesting that she is trying to use tears and white privilege to take away my right to comment and doesn't see what a big racist she is, for that an many other reasons (she's been upbraided by other commenters for making ignorant comments).


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