The Ankhesen Mié Lexicon, Volume III's been a while....

Let's jump right in, shall we?

Amazing Grace

The dreaded "eye-opener".  Describes when whites lash out at people of color for making them realize something about white America which they [whites] preferred to remain ignorant about, because now they're given the most dreaded choice of all: either cling to privilege or become a decent human being.

The term is inspired by white folks who claim to have-been-blind-but now-can-see...only to be horrified by what they see.  Thus, they throw a temper tantrum because they realize they've snorted the red pill, and now can't return to the Matrix.

Example: Sometimes, draptoresponsia is caused by having an Amazing Grace.


A collection of thoughts, often in the form of parables or musings, belonging to Ankhesen Mié and others.  Sometimes they're humorous; other times, they're quite serious.

Ankhesenological synonym for "Confederate".


Inspired by the draptoresponsic doctor who coined the pseudo-medical term "drapetomania" or "runaway madness", draptoresponsia is coined from the Greek meaning "runaway" and the Latin "responsus" from which we get "responsibility".

Draptoresponsics are often called "draptos" for short.  As Abagond beautifully writes, "Draptos are incapable of seeing the moral disorders in society; they suffer from delusions – sometimes even phobias – about dark-skinned people."

Five Walls

Taken from Abagond's Law, the Five Walls refer to the five obstacles white people in America face in becoming "unracist".  They are the Wall of Lies, the Wall of Self-Interest, the Wall of the White Self, the Wall of White Society, and the Wall of Shame & Guilt.

Frasier Crane (also Frasier Cranian, Frasier Craned, Frasier Craning)

Inspired by a Season 8 episode of Frasier where he realizes he uses intellectualism and - ironically - psychiatry to distance himself from himself (and others, of course) in order to keep from dealing with anything painful.  In racial discussions, it's the white tendency to derail dialogue with a barrage of irrelevant philosophical and/or pseudo-intellectual/sociological/scientific jargon to avoid getting to the point and dealing with an "unpleasant" truth, usually about themselves.

Inner House Negro

The flawed mentality which compels poor white people to consistently side with rich white people against people of color (and/or homosexuals) for the sake of white solidarity.  This mentality leads poor white people to believe they're voting against anything which will benefit people of color and/or gays, when in fact they are voting against their own interests, and further enriching the rich.

This is ironically similar to when all these shiftless, average Negroes waste money on "bling", rims, designer clothes, and guns in the vain effort to express solidarity with their commercialized hip-hop idols.  Yet again, one side is losing very necessary money, while the other side's bank accounts steadily grow.

Jensen's Law

Jensen's Law is an homage to Dr. Robert Jensen, a professor of journalism at the University of Texas in Austin. In his article "What White People Fear", he sheds light upon and shares insight on four core fears of white people (namely white Americans). These four main fears are the Four Tenets of Jensen's Law.

Memory Lane (also Memory Laned, Memory Laning)

This is a manipulative tactic an offender - be they sexist, racist, or homophobic, etc. - uses to try to worm their way out of trouble with friends who are "different" by bringing up prior good times and the length of the friendship.

Example: "Aw...come on, man.  We've been buds for six years...are you really going to let the word 'nigger' ruin that?  Why does it matter if I say 'nigger'?"

Ironically, offenders never seem to realize their victims can also make that argument.

Mira's Law

Inspired by a guest post, and most recently confirmed by a draptoresponsic patient, Mira's Law refers to the dislike Europeans tend to feel for white Americans, which white Americans often are unaware of and have made no efforts to truly understand.  Mira's Law also warns against treating all white-skinned humans as a monolith, for on a continent like Europe, being "white" is not a deciding factor.  Ethnic heritage, language, attitude, and country of origin are more stressed than mere skintone.

The Corner

Short version of "The Whites Friends' Corner".  If you are white and know you have a Sweet Tooth (but don't want to admit to it aloud), you don't have friends of color - at all.  *shakes head*  You just have people of color who tolerate you.  They are "nice" to you because they pity you.  Some of them might actually want to talk about race openly and fully - really fully - with you, but they already know you could never handle it, and so they don't bother.

You might be in the White Friends' Corner if....

1) POC are willing to hang out with you,  but only if you're buying the drinks and doing the designated driving.

2) They always have an excuse as to why they can't come over to your place.

3) They always have an excuse as to why you can't come over to their place.

4) They never ask you for your opinion on anything serious.

5) They never give you their honest opinion on anything serious.

6) They avoid talking about race with you, but when you insist, they just sigh and nod patiently while you talk, then smoothly change the subject at the earliest chance.

7) You often get the sneaking suspicion POC are agreeing with you on sociopolitical topics simply because they're hoping it'll shut you up more quickly.

8) Whenever you watch a show like The Boondocks with POC, even though you all laugh at the same time, you get the uneasy feeling you and they are laughing at completely different things.

9) You're "friends" with POC who are unwilling to date white people, but won't explain why.  You're not sure why, but you have a feeling you're a part of the reason.

10) POC generally avoid serious topics with you and simply nod silently when you say something you consider "poignant"...right before they change the subject.

11) When the POC you know never call on you when they're in a serious jam.  Beginning with "last resort" and following the options thereon down the're listed somewhere after "suicide".

Moving on your tears for someone who'll actually sympathize....

The Sweet Tooth

Inspired primarily by the white tendency to try to have racist cake and eat it too, i.e., cling to racist notions and but still get to have loving friends and even significant others of color.  Note: whites who "want a cookie" during racial discussion also have a bit of a Sweet Tooth, because they think that just reciting the right script or having the right color of friends automatically absolves them of all possible internalized racism.


  1. Brilliant! I know someone that I just don't even discuss race with because it's just too ridiculous. There is so much stupidity that I block out.

    There are just people who will never get it and life is too short to waste my energy on them.

  2. Precisely. It's fun to point out white racism, but in all honestly, they as a group will not improve. They will take their ignorance and denial to their graves.


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