Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #19: Jay Tavare

Thanks, Electric Afro!!!

Actor Jay Tavare is something of an enigma.  He was adopted in his infancy and spent most of his life in Europe, but his father was Latino and Navajo (Tavare was born on the reservation).  He's also of White Mountain Apache descent.

You've met him; he's actually quite memorable, though some of his role choices may have been a bit...ahem...questionable.

What drew me to Mr. Tavare was an email from from a commenter; she told me to check out the award-winning Unbowed, in which Tavare plays a captured brave in the late 1800s who falls in love with - *gasp* - a black woman (portrayed by Tembi Locke).  And yes, children, there's a kiss, and yes...even a sex scene.

The DVD is damned hard to find, which doesn't really surprise me, even though the film starred the likes of Ron Glass and garnered awards.  *shakes head*  For now, it's available through his website; the proceeds go to charity.


  1. Out of all the guy actors pics you've posted, he is the first that got my heart racing. OMG, i need a cold drink. lord those eyes, them lips...

  2. Really? Nathaniel, Eddie, Sendhil, Jay H., KT...nothing?


  3. Damn! He is stunning and I am going to check out the film. Another chapter in our history that is not discussed.

  4. Yup...weird eh.

  5. *is currently steaming in her seat* I just watched "Unbowed" (or the sex scene, but do plan to see the whole thing) and I am astounded. Jay Tavare is literally the FINEST man I've seen in a damn long time. Mmn mmn mmn. There ought to be a law against a man being that damn fine, but I am so glad there isn't.

    His ass alone is worthy of a monument. Peep the following:


    I dare any woman to watch THAT and wish they weren't Tembi Locke.

    *goes to get a cold drink*

    If I were a different kind of woman, he would *so* be my baby daddy.

  6. You're totally welcome!

    Jay Tavare hypnotized me in Unbowed. And that booty....good lawd.

  7. @ Caridad

    Yup...weird eh.

    Um...I guess not!

  8. Um...I checked the "sex scene" link and that vid has been viewed nigh on 60 times now, and I know there's no way that's been all me.

    Explain, ladies.

    *tries to give a stern look*


  9. I viewed it @least 5 times & am working on my 6th as we speak.


  10. Explains why it's now jumped to over a hundred.

    Something y'all wanna tell me?

  11. WOW, he is gorgeous! Thanks- loving this series =)

  12. Tee Hee. If it wasn't for sex like this, I wouldn't exist. Yep... I like him!!!

    Link the website please. I can pay! When I was a teenager, I had the hots for Ron Glass, too.

  13. @ Hateya,

    Click his name; it should take you right to the site.

  14. I'll figure out how to order eventually.

    Come to think of it, black Africans/Native Americans created the very first Blasian love connection. A few years ago, the oldest fossil discovered to date in the Americas turned out to be that of an black African woman. When they went in search of her descendants, they found them on islands off the coast of Brazil. Apparently, they'd interbred with invading Mongoloids.

    Sometimes BBC documentaries come in handy.

  15. @ Hateya

    Sometimes BBC documentaries come in handy.

    Damn, I'll say! Can you get me more info that documentary?

  16. Amazingly, there was info online after all of these years.

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/430944.stm (1999)

    http://www.historykb.com/Uwe/Forum.aspx/archaeology/1685/First-Americans-were-Australian (2005) - more or less a reprint.

    Don't let the word Australian fool you. Lucia's skull (not fossil) speaks for herself and so does DNA. Ignore the commentary.

  17. Ummmm. I have to agree with the consensus here. That booty is something else. I must find this movie! I looked on his site and didn't see any options for purchase.

  18. Ladies...*laughs* start 'splainin'. On Friday, the vid count was somewhere in the ballpark of 338. Now I find it's jumped to 1288.

    *shakes heads* Women kill me.

  19. By the way, the best way to get this on DVD, is to go to the forum on his website.

  20. After getting my email, his people agreed to an international extension, so tomorrow I'll be ordering Unbowed. With the dollar so worthless, I ought to buy two copies especially since the proceeds are going to charity.

  21. I received my copy in record time!! Wow! Oh Wow! Were Tembi and Jay acting?! Is it possible they're that damned good?! It sure as hell came off like the real thing!!!

    For this reason, I had to slap my muse around, put her in a box and lock her away. This movie was so surreal because my parents went through similar crap and made very hard choices that unfortunately didn't pay off for them... unless you count me.

    I'll order legit copies for my parents, too. I won't be naughty and rip it.

  22. I'll order legit copies for my parents, too. I won't be naughty and rip it.

    What I'm wondering is, how do we get this DVD on shelves?

  23. Were Tembi and Jay acting?! Is it possible they're that damned good?!

    I'll go with "B". That sex scene made me wonder too, you know?

  24. @Ankhesen

    Oddly enough, the love scene came off as the most choreographed (though excellently done) moment between the two. I give Tembi 100 stars out of five for allowing Jay to touch her breasts with such intimacy. I give him 80 stars out of five for the sheer range of his tongue.;)

    Even if they'd never shot that love scene (as oppose to the usual fuck job with massa black actresses get saddled with), I would have been completely in love with the Creola/Waka Mani coupling if everything else had remained the same. Every moment between them seemed to send out either a series of little sparks, a huge flare or a living breathing sense of love.

    While it's easy to drool over that Fine Piece known as Jay Tavare, I hope it doesn't escape people how inspirational Tembi Locke and Creola were. She became my girl when she suggested studying the classics and sewing. What man wouldn't sacrifice everything to be with a woman like that?

    When my health is better, I'll write more over at the BN. I've got a great deal to say about Creola's treatment as a beautiful, intelligent and strong black woman. A statement made by my neighbor might be worth exploring.

  25. I almost got the DVD "Unbowed" a little while ago. I can still do an e-mail search in the future when I have a little more money to spend. But I am getting this movie! Must have!!! That kiss . . . oh my god. That man knows how to use his tongue. :)

  26. I got my copy back in November, and MMM!! MMM!! MMM!! I love me some Jay Tavare!! Not since Jason's Lyric has a black woman been so validated and cherished on film. It's truly a beautiful love story.

  27. @Beloved
    Reading everyone's comments makes my anticipation much greater!
    Ok, I sent an email to Jay Tavare and he replied on June 10. About how long did it take for him to send you the order info. and then send the payment off and receive the DVD?

  28. @Qu33n: I'd ordered it through his website last year, but now you can get through Filmanthropic, owned by Nancy Rossov, who made the film. Here's the link: http://filmanthropic.blogspot.com/

  29. @Beloved
    Thanks for the 411! After searching and inquiring I happened to actually run across Filmanthropic's website and ordered it!
    Got it in yesterday! Will set aside my weekend to watch it!!!!
    Thanks for your help :- )

  30. You can purchase the DVD of UnBowed at

  31. I don't know why white people treat Indians the way they do. They steal their land, kill the buffalo and let it rot. The buffalo is their meat. Jay should be treated like any other movie star and have more rolls in movies. He isn't doing it for himself, but he's doing it for his people. He is very, very handsome, I must admit.


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