Zoey Andata: The New Regime's Enemy #1

Once upon a time [read: a few days ago], I went to televisionwithoutpity.com to see if I could start a thread (or get started for me) for the character Zoey Andata from ABC's latest sinking ship, FlashForward.  Surprise, surprise...days later, I'm still waiting.

Now, I've noticed a dramatic shift in Zoey's characterization since the new regime took over the second half of the first season.  She went from the sweet, humorous, happy, vulnerable bride-to-be (who wanted "Islands in the Stream" to play at her wedding...dear God) to being a stereotypically angry black woman - lame attempts to maintain her vulnerability notwithstanding.

Even worse, Zoey's fiance went from talking about her often and showering with her affection (not to mention ignoring his mother's petulant objection to his marrying a black woman) to "offering" to bang another woman (bringing up the change in Demetri Noh's characterization...which I'll discuss in another post).

It seems that the new regime has gone "old school."  The Old Regime created a vivid, interesting character.  As Tami would say, she was more like "the black women I know" and not the black women Hollywood would prefer you think about.  The new regime, however, fell back on fucked-up stereotypes when writing her character.  This "change", unsurprisingly, has had a profoundly negative affect in fandom.  Zoey's name is vanishing from fanfic character lists.  She doesn't have her own thread in a certain FlashForward forum of forty topics, even though inquiring minds (aside for mine) have inquired.  Furthermore, some of us grew up watching Gabrielle Union and revere her like a goddess.  To see a TV show waste her time like this makes our corneas itch.

Secondly, fans want Demetri to leave Zoey and hook up with Janis, and - I'm guessing - somehow "cure" her of her homosexuality.  Should something like this actually happen on screen, it would severely damage the positive perception the homosexual community has already developed of Janis.  For once they have a strong, professional lesbian who's smart enough to simply go to a sperm bank rather than obsess over finding sperm a la Bette & Tina from The L Word, and Heather & Ally from Australia's Satisfaction.

ABC - we'd really like the Old Regime characters back.  Call up the creator, get on your knees and beg, sell your souls to the 21st Century - do whatever the hell you have to do, folks, to get your shit together and bring our loved ones home.  I repeat: the casting department did its job.  Now it's your turn.

And fans...haul your ass on over to The Blasian Narrative and help revive Old Regime Demetri & Zoey, please.


  1. We need to flood fandom with Zoey and Dem stories. I really dislike that they made her a lawyer because that's not my thing; however, I do have first handknowledge of being happily married to an Asian man. I know what it's like to date such a man. In the end, knowing (without needing to do extensive research) that he was a man was all the knowledge I needed.

    I've been thinking of Zoey and Dem fan fiction ever since the "there's no way in hell I'd go out with you."

    Husband continues to find Gabrielle to be absolutely gorgeous and he loves the way she speaks. He says she's extremely feminine and she projects the image of the kind of woman he likes. This is huge praise because he's not a wannabe. He's just a man recognizing the worth of a beautiful and intelligent woman.

  2. OH god thank god I don't watch Flash foward, the way how the show seems to be going looks like this will be the only season.

  3. @ hateya,

    Well...you know where to go!!! Go for it. Here's a Dem/Zoe-specific comm:


    @ Aiyo,

    Yeah...I'm thinking this is the only season. And typical white denial is going to blame it on the POC characters for not "measuring up" and keeping the show afloat. They'll then use that as an excuse not to have multiple POC on main casts, even though Union, Cho, and Ealy are gorgeous, Wedek is awesome, and Wedek's wife alone (played by Gina I-am-a-god Torres) drew in millions of viewers.

    Gotta love the 21st Century.

  4. She's not even on the pit's character list?? What the fucking fuck??? Rage!

  5. @Moi

    Blaming the victims. *sigh* reminds me of when Taye Diggs blamed Black women for his show's demise

  6. Aiyo,

    What show was that?

  7. By the way, the ficcing on Blasian Narrative has begun:


  8. They decided to take the fuck up route after all. I haven't seen the episode yet, just read TWOP. I do know this much though. They are NOT going to turn me against Zoey! Those bitches will not win.

  9. @Moi

    Taye Diggs had a show called Daybreak (I just found out that he had his own show that wasn't Kevin Hill a few months ago) ANyway you can read about the concept of the show here


    So the show got cancelled and Taye Diggs said how black women didn't want to watch the show because he is married to a white woman and how wee all decided to boycott the show LOL

    Thing is NOBODY even knew he had a show, instead of him to take responiblity in picking better roles, blame the writing staff, blame the promoters for not advertising the show he blames Black women as if we have so much power. Even if black women all over America was to watch it still would have got cancelled due to low ratings. Taye definetly has issues if you look up someof the things he has said.

  10. So the show got cancelled and Taye Diggs said how black women didn't want to watch the show because he is married to a white woman and how wee all decided to boycott the show LOL

    And...all his precious white fans were where, exactly? Why didn't they fill the void & pick up the slack? Isn't that the fanbase he was ultimately catering to?


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