Underappreciated Musician of Color #13: Urith Myree

Lucky #13 is the beautiful Urith Myree, bassist for the all-female, New York-based rock/metal band. Dormitory Effect.  I'm going to be doing an interview with her soon, so you'll get more intimate knowledge of her then.

Before she co-founded Dormitory Effect in 2003-2004, Myree was in One Step Beyond from 1990-2001 (that's eleven years, y'all!!!) opening for bands like Blue Öyster Cult and Black Sabbath, with some of her band's music being used in the 1999 X-Games.  So, um...where are the online shrines to this woman?

Fans of color, you disappoint Moi.

Urith gets the "Idols" label because she is a pioneer, workin' and reppin' black women (not to mention voluptuous women as well) on stage in the metal music scene for twenty years now.  Whether we realize or not, musicians like Urith do a lot for us.  Thus, we fans of color owe them so much.


  1. I've been without solid internet for a moment, but I just HAD to drop a solid line of "THANK YOU FOR THIS." Most excellent post. You have really opened me up to some great bands. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

  2. No, no...thank YOU. Did you see where Stux Daemon of Wrust stopped by to thank folks on the post I did about them? He's agreed to do an interview with me...so I owe a LOT of thanks to you.

  3. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Let me back track into your world...! You are definitely welcome. Your space on the internet has been a welcome escape for me these past few months. You have a great gift.

    Side Note: (Will you be publishing any new works anytime soon/aside from Amazon, where are your books available?--I'm starting a post-graduation book club and would love to add you to our list)

    (Runs to check out the other interview with Urith Myree)

  4. Thanks, I'm definitely going to check out this band =)


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