Underappreciated Actress of Color #34: Lesley-Ann Brandt

In Thailand, I'm mistaken as Thai, in New Zealand I've been told I look Polynesian, Indians can see my Indian heritage and in America, I've been told I look African American or Latin American. I like it that way.
~Lesley-Ann Brandt
Let me get this out of the way: Yes, of I've been watching Spartacus: Blood & Sand; no, I don't like it. I think Lucy Lawless and her hubby Rob Tapert needed paychecks once Xena joined the ranks of slowly-being-forgotten-shows-now-available-to-watch-instantly-on-Netflix.

For one, their new claim to fame isn't on HBO or Showtime...but friggin' Starz.  It has "bastard, drunken-mistake-child of Gladiator and 300" written all over it.  Secondly, I don't appreciate whatever horrid blackmail they're wielding against composer Joseph I'm-a-genius LoDuca, causing him to dig up perfectly good Xena music and blasphemously slather it over this latest bullshit bout of testosterone poisoning.  Furthermore, I don't appreciate a female icon going from Warrior Princess to Ho-tastic, Scheming, Skanky, Desperate Housewife.  We don't need to see Lucy Lawless's tits; bitch is a 42-year-old mama with babies and a husband who - creepy much? - willingly stands behind the camera while his wifey gets nekkid with other men for some dough.

*shudder*  Oh, how the mighty fall.

But I digress.  Gorgeous Miss Thang here gets her good dark looks from her mother, an East Indian, in case you're wondering.  As a South African-born woman, she makes a quite powerful statement thusly:
I was born on the African continent so technically, I am African along with everyone else born there and I embrace my heritage whole heartedly.
She's one reason I keep coming back to Spartacus; aside for Peter I-deserve-soooooo-much-better Mensah, she's one of the few POC we see in every ep with speaking parts and she is beautifulShe hasn't done much but I have great hope I'll see her do more than get nekkid and be ordered around as someone else's slave and made to rub Lucy Lawless's privates.



  1. But I like Spartacus. Did you watch the whole series?

    The ridiculous over-the-top machismo violence takes a break probably mid-way through, yielding to the storyline.

    I also think Lawless looks better than she ever did in Xena, which is interesting, considering her age.

  2. Yes, darling, I watched the whole thing.

    And as for Lawless looking better, well...if they can CGI flowing blood and tumbling entrails, you can guess what else they tampered with.

  3. *snort*

    Whatevz. I was in it for all the full-frontal dick.


  4. Witch,

    Girl...I'm not surprised. However, I have this irritating habit about nitpicking plot, dialogue, etc. - which I'll admit, is sometimes quite good one second, and then absolutely tanks the next on this.

    I have to admit, when Crixus "returns from the dead" and is paired up with some deadbeat, I couldn't stop laughing. The irritable way he looks at Doctore and demands, "Send me a MAN!!!" is beyond hilarious.

    What happened to Barca & Pietros was bullshit, by the way. *shakes head* That ish was unnecessary.

  5. I love the series Sparatacus. I hope lesley ann brandt has a long successful career, doing more significant roles other than playing a body slave.

  6. I did not like the way Pietros and Barca left the show. They could have come up with a better storyline for them.

  7. Thanks for the information. She is on Lucifer now. I thought she was latin.


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