Underappreciated Actress of Color #33: Jamie Lee Kirchner

This Blaktina cutie is from Germany (like, I think she just lives there or something, 'cause, like...American name and accent all the way).  I first saw her on the Dollhouse episode "Stage Fright" playing the rather unstable, little-too-good-at-shakin'-it popstar "Rayna".  Now she plays Nurse Sonia Jimenez on Mercy which, last I saw, is a total train wreck.

Now I find it's been picked up for a second season.  On the one hand, go Kirchner.  On the other hand...I have to go watch it now and make sure she's being taken care of.  But...I doubt it.

She's young, hasn't been working long, so this show is quite a coup for her.  Especially since she's done mostly TV and non-major films.  I just hope she parlays it into some better shit.

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