Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #15: Dominic Rains

I found this gem while watching the final dregs of FlashForward (guess the show wasn't a total waste).  Born Amin Nazemzadeh on March 1, 1982, Dominic Rains is a 28-year-old Iranian-American actor born in Tehran, Iran.  He hasn't hit it big yet; he's done a made for TV film, has spent time in the soap opera circuit originating a role his 29-year-old brother later took over.

He is sexy.  I was immeasurably annoyed every time the camera swung from his face.  Even with his facial hair and faux Afghanistani accent on FlashForward, he was still a sexy doctor saving lives in the chaos of the desert.

He's currently filming Jinn, and quite frankly, I don't care if it's good or bad - I'm going to see it.


  1. Prince of Persia coulda been his break out role but NO.

  2. "NO" indeed.

    America has its share of Iranian-American actors, so WTF is the problem? Dominic Rains, Ethan Rains, Pejman Vehdat - each one young, ripped, and talented as hell, but motherfucking Jake Gyllenhaal lands the role?

    Negro, seriously?

    Behold white privilege, y'all. Ain't nothin' it can't ruin.

  3. He's really handsome. I do hope he's going to have a better career from now on. I'd like to watch him in a movie (soap opperas are not my thing).

    And I had to Google the other guys to find their pictures because I had no idea how they looked; isn't that sad? And I didn't have to Google Gyllenhaal, because I do know what he looks like. See what I mean?

  4. Dayum! He is absolutely...wow. He's really, really nice to look at.

    You are so right, Moi. This man should have been the Prince of Persia, not Gyllenhall. He's perfect on so many levels.

    I'm going to need Hollywood to get over itself already. There are actors out there who aren't named Denzel, Will, Zoe or Jennifer who would love to land these types of roles. (Wow...it shouldn't have been that hard for me to think of POC actors/actresses who've been working consistently and have been in big Hollywood movies that aren't Tyler Perry films. Sad.)

  5. Mmm, I want to see more of him. ;)

    Gotta say his brother is hella cute.


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