Just Finished Watching "Red Cliff"....

...and Hollywood really needs to step it up.  'Cause Asian cinema?  *chuckles & shakes head*  Bringing an all-new meaning to whoopin' ass.

In John Woo's Red Cliff, Mr. Thang here plays the immortal Zhuge Liang; in essence, he plays a witty, charmingly nerdy sort, rather than a hearthrob or a bad-ass.  He's got facial hair in the film (which I usually detest on men) and he stays fully clothed the whole time (which in his case, doesn't matter...he is fine no matter what).

To be honest...Zhuge Liang the sexiest role I've ever seen him play.

Take notes, fellas...the man with the biggest brain, sharpest wit, and most perceptive mind always wins.  I understand the role was initially offered to a different actor, but since the whole damn film was an outstanding, all star cast, we can forgive that Mr. Kaneshiro wasn't offered the part immediately.

Actress and popstar Zhao Wei, a.k.a Vicki Zhao (depicted right), was also quite awesome.  She plays the historical Princess Shangxiang, who poses as a man, goes behind enemy lines, and draws a detailed map of their entire battlements (Zhuge Liang's idea) of course.  Oh yeah.  So naturally, she gets my Bad-Ass Mofo Award.  Zhao's work was excellent from the beginning to end of Red Cliff.

Not to talk smack about Chi-Ling Lin, but her scenes made me cringe.  The opening credits "introduced" her, and since she's not a kid, it screamed, "not an actress, just here to be pretty."  She had one facial expression for the entire film, and whether she was ceremoniously serving tea, sleeping with her husband, trying to birth a horse, or whatever, she maintained that same facial expression the whole time.  Turns out, she's a model.  *shakes head*  'Splains everything.

So anyway, Red Cliff's an awesome, breathtaking film and I totally recommend it.


  1. HOLY FUCK does Zhao Wei sound kickass! and also, Kaneshiro is A-dorable. MUST check out Red Cliff. usually, I'm NOT about these war films cause it ends up being like, woo, manly man sweat all around and women are your sex candies...same old same old. But this sounds awesome.

  2. I normally dodge them too, but Asians do them better.

    Also, Kaneshiro's in "The Warlords" with Jet Li. DVD gets released next month and I'm just counting down....

  3. I loved Red Cliff mainly for Kaneshiro's sexy self but amazing battle scenes and a greater self-awareness at the Irony of the "Art" of War. Can't wait to see "The Warlords"

  4. Just wanted to say I LOVE your site. I watched Red Cliff a few weeks ago. If I see the name John Woo in association w/an Asian Production, it's an automatic watch.

    Woo, the actors, the whole crew did an incredible job. Oh yeah and "the wife" was the only weak note in a stellar cast.


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