How Pimp is This?

Makes me glad I have a body slightly smaller than these...but close enough!  The chocolate one is Anansa Sims, by the way.

And's the actual article!


  1. It's about damn time! Just like the portrayal of POC in movies and TV (or the lack thereof), the whole "skinny rules" meme won't change until TPTB conciously decides to do things like this over and over and over again. I'll be sure to pick this issue up. I hope it sells well, because if it doesn't, they'll use it as an excuse to never do it again.

  2. Exactly as the gods intended.

    I'll answer any critic by using an my man's words, "Bones are for the dogs, meat is for the man."

  3. I love when I see a woman whose body resembles mine in a flattering way. I think my body shape/type most closely resembles that of the blonde front and center, especially if when she sits up her belly does what the brunette she's resting against is doing. Mom-pouch. I'm probably slightly smaller as well, but I do have a lot of equipment on my thighs and backside.

  4. It's really refreshing to see a picture like this. These women are not fat, I bet they have healthy weight.

  5. Victoria,

    My thoughts on the blonde in the middle - exactly! That's my body-ish as well, and yes, that pose is "cheating". *winks*


    I don't think their fat either. Look how slender their arms are. I see these women as "normal". And their faces are glorious!

  6. OMG, actual WOMEN! Curvy babes! Hips, breasts and rolls! This is the kind of woman a man wants. Skeletons are for biology classes and bones are for dogs. Bravo, Glamour! This magazine I'll buy!

  7. Does anyone know how old Anansa Sims is? I thought she was a teenager, but she looks older in this pic, and she doesn't have a Wiki!

    I believe she and her mom were featured in one of the latest issues of Essence.

  8. @ lil'vina

    Like you, love you, want to keep reading about you, but I couldn't publish that. No hubby-bashing, dear, and no calling one another ignorant.


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