Demetri Noh: The Emasculation Continues

Remember Demetri Noh when the Old Regime was running FlashForward?  Remember how mind-numbingly sexy he looked in those jeans?  How much smack he unapologetically talked to e'rybody?  When he was whoopin' the dog shit outta suspects?  Remember how he was two seconds away from slamming the snide face of that Alda bitch into the conference table?

ABC...seriously...I want my old Demetri Fuck-You-I'm-a-Bad-Ass Noh back.

We've had this conversation.  Why is American television so afraid of a strong, good-looking, Asian-American male actor who doesn't abide by America's favorite stereotypes?  Mind you, this isn't just any Asian-American actor FlashForward was fortunate enough to get on its cast list.  This is John-Motherfuckin'-Cho, and ABC better recognize.  There's nothin' better - gi' ya dat one mo' gin - nothing better than watching a fine-ass, kick-ass Asian man on TV today saying "Fuck you" to America's stereotypes.

But alas...the new regime came.

And the new regime felt the need to "put him in his place."  We see him lose a fight to Marshall Vogel.  Though Vogel is a ridiculously beautiful black specimen, he's basically the show's house Negro.  The first few times we see him, he's basically giving Demetri the "don't anger Massa" spiel.  I mean, dare Demetri want to stop his own murder?  How dare he want to live out his life and grow old with a fine-ass black woman?  How dare he?  How dare he do whatever it takes to save his own life?  Sheesh - the irrationality of this man!

*scowl*  That was sarcasm, by the way.

Demetri is a bad-ass, but he gets knocked down by Vogel first day back under the new regime.  And Vogel has the gall to crack a joke about Demetri's woman marrying somebody else after he dies?  WTF?

Then, we see Demetri clashing with said fine-ass black woman and developing chemistry with a white chick who, of course, rejects him.  Yes, we've seen this in person and in "art" a thousand times before but ahhhhhhh...the new regime has an excuse.  See, this chica blanco is a lesbian, so she has a "valid reason" to reject the Asian guy this time when he offers to forget he has a fiancee and "help father her baby".  Now there's a question as to whether or not he did, giving what was to be an imaginative TV show a trashy talk show/soap opera feel.

I mean, seriously?  Twenty million people are dead from the black-out, and the world is supposedly going to end in 2016 and...what, we're supposed to stop and care about whether or not Janis is carrying Demetri's baby?

Welcome to white, All-American television, children.  For those of you just tuning in...yes, it's vomitacious.  No, I don't know what else to tell you...except for the contact information for ABC.

May the hate mail floweth in droves.
PS - If you do send a scathing message to ABC, by all means...share it with the rest of the class!  Just copy and paste it into the comment section below!


  1. Is this show worth watching, or has this "regime change" made it so that I shouldn't even get started?

  2. I second Moi, Godheval. Don't waste your time. If you bother with it, find youtube videos that only feature Zoey/Dem. I will continue to illegally download the show until Gabrielle is fired and then I'll send a bitter fuck you ABC letter.

    Moi, from the beginning I despised Vogel's character because I know they only hired hot and sexy as a consolation prize for killing that absolutely gorgeous Al Gough. I am not and never was appeased!!!

    I wonder if the Vogel actor realizes what he's doing... I don't mind that he's getting paid. I just wonder if even he is thinking about this at all.

    There is one thing we can do immediately. We can go to the Zoey/Dem thread at ABC's site and promote their awesomeness.

    Some of the fans aren't very "aware" but they aren't nasty and vicious.

  3. @ hateya,

    Ealy (Vogel) was hired under the Old Regime. He probably wasn't expecting things to turn out the way they did.

  4. So it's official, I really shouldn't give this shit a chance. -sigh- You know, of all the stereotypes that aren't directly related to me (Black female), the weak/nerdy/effeminate Asian male is the one I hate most. Where White men are held up as the ultimate ideal, Black men are cool if you like the savage Mandingo, Latino men are macho and spicy, but Asian men aren't even 'real men'. Pisses. Me. Off. >:|


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