Contemplating "White Resentment"

In my own opinion the Tea Party is about the notion of blacks or any miniority "taking over" America and other BS with Obama leading the way to "White Slavery" again. And yes, my last comment on White Slavery was an actual sign by a Tea Partier at one rally.

I can't recall a time in history when one political party was so united to purposefully destroy ANY AND ALL policies by a President, joining rallies with uninformed citizens to spew more nonsense, denial, and hate, and opposing anything related to the President's plans. If these are not some examples of white resentment towards a non-white person and secret fear of blacks being on the same equal playing level as whites, then I don't know what this craziness is right now in America.


  1. It's RIDICULOUS how true this is. Everything the Tea Party stands for is purposefully in opposition to everything Pres. Obama is trying to accomplish or has even hinted that he wants to address. I'd also love to meet just ONE Tea Party member who is not white, just one.


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