Contemplating "Rand Paul"

If you take government money or breaks in any way shape or form, it makes you a public business. That being said, I have no problem with private clubs excluding people for whatever reason; it helps me keep track of the assholes.


  1. That's all well and good if you're not the one being excluded in the first place. Really, it's discrimination. It's racism, but pussified. In accepting it for the sake of being able to point out assholes, WP are coddling, protecting, not standing up to, and rolling over on overt racism. We're reducing institutional racism to a simple group of "assholes" instead if calling it what it is.

    We patron the businesses of assholes all the time without even knowing it. So let's let that fantasy go that the only assholes out there are announcing it publicly.

  2. Trouble's all fine and dandy when it's a lunch counter or a bookstore or a night club - because yeah, we can just say they're assholes and take our business elsewhere.

    But when it's a private hospital or some other company offering essential services then it becomes a major problem.

    If it's a large corporation that has shoulder-checked the competition (the more equitably-thinking competition) into oblivion, then their exclusion is a major problem, because there is no longer anywhere else to go.

    The other problem is that there ARE businesses who exclude people for race, creed, color, religion - everywhere and all the time - but they do so under false pretexts or hidden pretexts that they are under no obligation to disclose.

    That it's illegal gives the excluded group a platform to at least investigate the possibility that were excluded for racist/sexist/ableist/religist/whateverist reasons, and enables society to hold the business accountable.

    The libertarian would argue with me that the "market" would hold them accountable, by not purchasing their products and running them out of business.

    Yeah? Well, I guess that explains how Wal-Mart, which has continued to commit all sorts of heinous offenses is still incredibly successful and never held accountable for their actions, save for by a few radical consumers and some uppity filmmakers.

    The market doesn't hold shit accountable. It makes money, ethics and morals and justice be damned.

  3. On the one hand, one could argue not all assholes are created equally. There's the asshole who hates you, but will do business with you. Then there's the asshole who wishes you were on separate continents.

    On the other hand, discriminatory exclusion is ultimately self-destructive, so let that destruction be contained as much as possible. If you want to go to a small club with all-white patrons, that's fine. POC cannot deny they too sometimes favor monochromatic social environments.

    However, if you want to run a hospital (or any major organization) for one skintone only, the law should clearly state that you can go to hell.

    The irony is that much of this thirst for discrimination comes from the delusional mindset that POC want to join "the in crowd" and/or flat-out "rob" white people of all those hard-earned extra perks they have. It wonderfully confirms the First and Second Tenets of Jensen's Law.


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