Contemplating "Having Racist Cake and Eating it Too"

Once upon a time, a Grand Wizard Klansman died and found himself walking the Road to the Afterlife.  As he did, he joyfully noticed that he was in full regalia, wearing the hood and robes which had granted him much honor and many privileges in his life on Earth.

And as he walked, he saw a myriad host of people, each one talking eagerly about the great "Oneness" and peaceful bliss of the Afterlife.  He knew it must be truth; not all of them spoke English and yet knew exactly what they were saying.  And none seemed to notice he was once a Grand Wizard of the Klan.

By the time he himself stood in line at the Gates to the Afterlife, he too was excited and eager to enter the Great Beyond.

The giant Gates were gray marble, sculpted to perfection, and cast wide open for all beings to enter.  However....the Grand Wizard also noticed that the tall, forbidding Guardian at the gates, with his shimmering silver armor and long, sharp sword, was a being of very dark skin.

The Grand Wizard panicked immediately, fearing the mighty Guardian would harm his soul somehow if he saw him in his robes.  So he let the person behind him go ahead while he tried to drum up an excuse for why he was dressed the way he was.  But that did not buy him enough time.  So he let five people go ahead of them, then ten, then a hundred, then a thousand.

His strange behavior caught the attention of a second Guardian, who came down to speak to the first.

"Why does that one stall his entrance into Eternity?" the second Guardian demanded.

The first Guardian sighed wearily, "You know the law.  The human mind determines how they perceive the Guardian at the Gate.  Mental distortions affect not just the human mind, but the soul as well.  So whatever sick, distorted thinking this man had in life has no doubt followed him in death."

The second Guardian nodded slowly, mulling this over.  "And do you think his fear has something to do with those ridiculous robes he's wearing?"

The first Guardian rolled his eyes irritably.  "They are a great source of pride for him.  They remind him of how 'special' he was on Earth.  In his mind, he is a snowflake amongst dead leaves."

"And now...they are source of great distress for him?" the second Guardian blinked, still trying to make sense of all this.  "As he journeyed towards the Gate, did no one tell him?  He does not have to worry about his 'specialness' in the great Oneness.  The Oneness is humanity at its purest and most perfect.  He will have no need - nor even the desire - to be 'special' there.  Why does he not simply cast off those ridiculous robes and entire the Afterlife?  'Tis the ultimate fate for all humans to return to their Source."

The first Guardian scowled.  "Can you not hear his thoughts, my old friend?" he asked grimly.  "That man seriously thinks he can figure out a way to keep his 'specialness' and become one with everybody else."

Ankhesen Mié
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  1. Brilliant Ankhesen, simply brilliant...

  2. Moi - "That man seriously thinks he can figure out a way to keep his 'specialness' and become one with everybody else."

    I have nothing to add. You've summed it up perfectly!


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