Underappreciated Musician of Color #12: WRUST

(Merci, Kymie!)

~Special Edition Post~

Meet WRUST, the Black Metal band - every kind of pun proudly intended - from Gaborone, Botswana in Southern Africa.  No...you're not hallucinating.  No, rock wasn't originated by white folks so yeah...it's allowed.

Now, I'm not usually a fan of extreme metal because so few bands sound good, but damn...they're one of those bands who actually make that shit listenable (talkin' bout the song "Prophecy of Doom", just FYI).

So...why is this a "special edition post"?  If you have to ask, then you must not know me very well.

In the meantime, the members are as follows:

 Stux Daemon- (guitars and vox)

D.O. - ( bass)

Dem Lord Master- (drums)

(...and Ben Phaks Mophakedi on rhythm guitars, wherever his pic may be).

There's not much info on these guys, even though their music is awesome and they are pioneers who will must assuredly go do down in history (i.e., woefully underappreciated).  So I welcome discussion and contribution on these fine gentlemen.  Have you been to a concert?  Do you own all their shit?  Inquiring pygmies wanna know.

Check 'em out on YouTube!!!! (By the way, is it just me, or does Stux have the whole "totally hot lead singer & guitarist" thing going on?  Notice how he keeps in touch with fans, providing lyrics and apologizing for not being able to tour in America due to, you know, lack of a promoter.)

I wanna see 'em in concert!!!!  I want an excuse to break out my Goth gear once again, damn it!!!


  1. YAY!!! They are FANTASTIC! I learned about them via a Sepultura show (they gave them a shout out) Their music is hard to come by in the States but before the crackdown on music sharing went down I was able to get a few songs burnt (only reason why I still have a portable cd player)

    (you're welcome!--mad excited about this feature)

  2. I'd kill to go to one of their concerts!

  3. Hi readers of Underappreciated Musician this is Stux from Wrust.. Well its always nice to hear warm words coming from people who check us out. Its a pleasure and give us the energy and strength to do what we do. We are recording and things are looking awesome, Once again thanks so much for checking us out for more info visit

    www.myspace.com/wrust and my solo stuff www.unsigned.com/stuxdaemon

  4. *GOOGLY EYES**Extra stupid grin*



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