Underappreciated Musician of Color #11: Blackfire

Blackfire...ON fire.

(Yes, I'm adding bands now...feel free to submit suggestions.)

Formed in 1989, this Diné (Navajo) band of siblings is from Black Mesa, Arizona, and their sociopolitical brand of music fuses Native American styles with punk-rock and "Alter-Native".

Cutie Klee, depicted on the far right, is the lead vocalist and guitarist.  Jeneda, goddess front and center, is an additional vocalist and the bad-ass bassist.  And hottie Clayson is an additional vocalist and - *squeal* - the drummer!!!!

*claps hands excitedly* God...they make me feel like a teenager again!  Check 'em out on Youtube!


  1. Will definitely check this band out!

    I'm a "metalhead" and to be black AND a metal fan is seen as "rare." Metal bands headed by people of color or are all people of color are VERY much under-appreciated and get less recognition than their all white peers. This shouldn't be the case as Metal/Rock comes from "black music." Hell, the guitar is an African instrument. I would definitely recommend checking out God Forbid (all men of color except for one), Sepultura (all Brazillian men of color), Skindred (Headed by a black man--one of my favorites as they mix reggae and metal), WRUST (all black metal band from Botswana). I take pride in supporting these bands, not only because they DESERVE it, but because I KNOW how hard it is to get any credit in the metal music industry when you have brown skin. I dropped the music industry portion of my degree and just went fully into finance because I could NOT handle being dismissed and the bs I was getting when it came to getting internships.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I don't think I've ever heard of WRUST before - merci!

  3. Bad Brains is pretty awesome. They were the first hardcore punk band, the first band to mix punk and reggae, and probably the best out of any band to have tried.

  4. I'm def gonna check them out cause I swear I can hear Clayson calling my name.

  5. @ electricafro

    Honestly...I'm torn between him and Klee. My eyes keep swinging back and forth between the two.


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