Underappreciated Actress of Color #31: Tré Armstrong

Stop saying people "talk black", y'all.

After watching How She Move (yes...cliched dance film, moving on now...), a Canadian project, I'm all the more convinced America needs to shut up, open its eyes, and seriously get over itself already.

This sexy young dancer, choreographer, and actress is Tracey 'Tré' Armstrong, and yes...she's Canadian.  And boy...can she move.

She spends most of her time teaching dance workshops worldwide so naturally, that cuts into her acting schedule.  Even so...ain't this bitch fine?

Weave notwithstanding, of course.


  1. Some days youtube is sorta good for something. At least I had a chance to take a glimpse at her. And yes, she can MOVE!!!

  2. Isn't she fine as hell?


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