Underappreciated Actress of Color #29: America Ferrera

You had to have known this was coming.  Born in 1984, Honduran-American Miss America Georgine Ferrera is one of the country's most accomplished, and yet underappreciated young actresses of color - both in talent and in looks (whoever "rated" her sexiness and then wrote that bullshit should be executed slowly and painfully in front of all his friends.  "Not in the same league as Salma Hayek"????  *blinks dangerously*  Bitch doesn't need to be Salma 2.0 - Ferrera is fine as hell on her own, pendejo. Not at all Latinas have to look like Salma, who's not even fully Latina, by the goddamn way.  It's no different from you culeros wanting all black women to look like Halle Berry, who isn't even fully black!!!).

Goddamn, y'all...is anybody else having a flashback to our little conversation about Sara Ramirez?

I'll be honest, I never got into Ugly Betty.  I tried, but it seemed the guest stars and whichever big-named so-and-so who seemed to be joining the cast at the beginning of every damned season (it seemed) appeared to be getting all the attention.  I also noticed how she went from winning mad awards on her show to strictly being nominated.

Personally, I'm not ticked she lost some weight; those of us who are thickly blessed could all stand to lose a few for health reasons only.  She looks good no matter what - it's called being fine, children...take some notes and eat some cheesecake while you're at it (helps with the boobs).

I first fell for Miss Thang here in - duh - Real Women Have Curves.  'Cause...you know, we, like...do.

Now that Ugly Betty finally ended due to "plummeting viewing figures" (didn't at all see that coming), I'm hoping to see Ferrera in great stuff but...as my gay boyfriend and I ruefully mused last night, when great ones go off the air, they tend to lose momentum.  For women of color, it's even worse.


  1. I like Ugly Betty sad that it is ending.

  2. I can't wait to see her do some new shit!!!!

  3. Really cant get into the show - but I LOVE this actress . . . beautiful . . wish she would do something SERIOUS on teh big screen (I almost hate comedies)

  4. Love her she is real, need to see her in a great show or picture, she is to talented to be ignored.

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