Underappreciated Actress of Color #27: Bai Ling

~Special Edition Post~
I'm not really in reality. I'm in my own universe and my mind is a million miles somewhere else.
~ Bai Ling
Y'all had to know this was coming.  Damn...I'm surprised I held out this long (eyes upward, children)!

I've been watching Bai Ling (or, again, Ling Bai...depending on where you're comin' from) for years and I have been a devout fan - all smack-talkers can go to hell.  Pygmy is devout, hear?

To show you a picture of Bai Ling, and then tell you she's sexy is a redundant understatement of insane proportions.  Now, ladies...pay close attention, 'cause this concerns you: if you insist on being skinny, then at least have the decency to look like Bai Ling.

She was grossly underused in The Crow, which we forgave because - and only because - of His Legendary Glorious Gorgeousness...tragedy notwithstanding.  She made a special guest star appearance on a Joss Whedon show, and in the four years to come on said show, Whedon committed a major fail by never making up even the flimsiest excuse to bring her ass back.  Seriously, Joss?  No, seriously?

Anyhoo...I digress.  Madam Bai acted as Kristy Wu's mother in Face, which saw her as more innocent and more covered up, thereby reminding folks that yes...she can act.

Speaking of which, Bai Ling's best role (that I know of) was her unsung tragic portrayal of Tuptim in an admittedly brilliantly done film based on a highly predictable white female fantasy.  Madam Bai shaved all her gorgeous hair off and displayed flexible linguistic ability, heart-breaking and haunting vulnerability (I literally start to cry every time her execution scene starts), and as in every damn thing she does, unfailing beauty.  IMHO, Madam Bai not only stole the whole damn show, but she ripped out the audience's hearts, picked each one up, neatly packed them away in a giant Dolce & Gabana purse, and then casually sauntered off.

At 43, she's fine as hell, and you know what...I'm fairly certain I'll be a fan until I die and I don't care if we never see her again in something major.  As comedian Katt Williams would say, she's "in tune with her star player"...as are we.


  1. Ooh ooh Bai Ling was also in an episode of Lost.

  2. OMG - which one???? Can't believe I missed that! I usually keep much stricter tabs on this woman's TV spots. Was it a good one? Was she properly featured?

  3. It was called Stranger in a Strange Land (I think) and I don't really feel like she was featured properly. First of all, it was a filler-episode beefing up Jack's attempts at being a badass - not one of the cool episodes they refer back to. In fact, I think it was actually an episode about where his tattoo came from. And she was mostly exoticized. You know, "mystic, hot, (non-descript) Asian" and love interest of a white guy (wooo shocking). But, it was my first experience seeing her in action so I was able to seek out her better roles after that. You know a show that has a cast of leads who nearly all have blue eyes isn't going to do Bai Ling right. Sad.

  4. Awwwwwww...that is sad. When she didn't return on "Angel" I was kinda heartbroken. Like, she obviously has a fan base, so what is it? Is she hard to work with? Like, stuff can't just "keep happening by accident" to the same actress for two decades, you know?

  5. Heads up: Your link to "his gloriousness" is a repeat of the link to Bai Ling's pictures on Google.

    I knew you were talking about the late Mr. Lee, though.

  6. @ Chaos Wald

    Fixed it!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  7. 43? my ass!
    She was in a great action flick with Wesley Snipes!


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