Underappreciated Actress of Color #26: Rutina Wesley

(Thanks, chkaran!)

My, my, my!  Will you just look at Miss Thang right here?  Here's a word to consider, children: chocolate.

Miss Rutina Wesley, (whose age I've seen listed ranging from 25 to 31) was born February 1, 1985 in Las Vegas Nevada to a tap dancer and a former showgirl.  She's been active since 2006 (plays, dance film, TV, etc). and her big break, of course, is True Blood.

I don't watch True Blood, was going to, read about Rutina's  character, and now don't want to.  For starters, if I type "True Blood Cast" in Google and hit Images, I don't see a whole lot of POC main cast members.  *shakes head*  HUGE no-no with me.

The author (on whose books the show is based) describes Rutina's character "as having an olive complexion and dark hair" - in other words, the role wasn't written for a black woman.  *shakes head* Not usually a good sign - just ask Rachel True.

'Nother thing, she's "the black girl" who comes from an abusive family, blah blah blah, alcoholic parents, blah blah blah - seen it.

She the white female protagonist's "best friend" - seen it.

Said WFP has an "admirer" who's loyal to her, etc. and "the black girl" has a brief sexual relationship with him...which will lead to absolutely lead to nothing - seen it.

*sigh*  She's soooooooo underappreciated.  *smooches Rutina chastely*


  1. *Giddy!*



    Dare I say, I love her more than Zoe. She is SO fresh, down to earth. Just RAW. She is the only reason why I watch True Blood.

    Sighs...Now I'm going to watch her non-stop for the night...

  2. I love her too, although the whole issues of being the sassy best friend and her romantic love interest *spoiler* not making it was eye-roll inducing, but Rutina lends such an emotional depth to her character that gives her an edge over other stereotypes. I wish her the best because she and the other black character, Laffyette are the best things on that show (besides Alexander Saarsgard (sexxxxy))

    You should watch True Blood though. There's one scene where Bill (main vampire) is grilled by Rutina's character on whether he owned slaves while he was human (he's from Civil War era Louisiana) and makes him so uncomfortable that it brings so much delight. Plus so many opportunities for drinking games (*deep, southern drawl* SOOOOKIE, You are mine) But you hit the nail on the head, though. She is very underappreciated

  3. I like her too she and the other black person in the show who plays her cousin are the only reason I watch True Blood.

    What I have noticed in a lot of these vamp stories that get put on screen not too many POC in the book but on screen they throw a couple in there like with Vampire Diaries

  4. I was really disappointed by her role in True Blood--the feisty best friend stereotype in almost every way. That show doesn't give much to any of its actors to work with, IMO. But she is totally mesmerizing to watch.

  5. I'm tired of the white girl's best friend, too. But even if there are loads of white characters and almost none POC, True Blood is a good thriller about discrimination. Laffayete and Tara (the main black characters) are the most fun to watch and admire. They have depth like no other black character in cliché movies.

  6. the contradiction is: it's a story about discrimination with almost no POC.

  7. @ chkaran - and therein lies the problem.

    It's (almost) like Star Trek: TOS drama all over again...just forty years later.

    How sad is that?


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