Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #13: T.J. Ramini

Lucky #13 is Tarek Jafar Ramini.  Aged 34, he is a ridiculously beautiful, sexy British actor of Palestinian descent.  I'm watching him right now on Boston Legal and drooling like an idiot.

I won't lie...I'm a sucker for the British accent.  IMHO, the English accent's the absolute best accent for speaking English...surprise, surprise.

His longest running role to date is on 24, but he's got a fairly decent list of credits to his name from before that.  However...I think the film industry could do much better by this man.  I mean, God...look at him.


  1. Is this season 8 of 24? They broadcast so many different seasons here, I can't keep up. For this man, I'll rent the entire season, not illegally download!!!


  2. That's right...Season 8. Sorry!!!


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