Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #12: Sendhil Ramamurthy

Why, no...I'm not surprised you're not surprised.  This one's been a loooooooooong time coming.  I mean, you had to have known it was coming.

Despite the ridiculous hotness which comes with his British accent on Heroes, Mr. Thang here is an American, born (Chicago) and raised (San Antonio).

Like a certain chocolate goddess, Sendhil Ramamurthy is Tamil Indian (yeah, I know...it must be genetic or something) and those eyes and lips of his should come with a giant manufacturer's warning label.  Especially after he played a seriously delicious hottie in a Bollywood episode of Psych (which his cousin directed, by the way).

I, for one, am excited he's leaving Heroes; he went from being the sweaty, shirtless, British-accented, love-making Royal Hotness to one of the many underappreciated and underused POC on the show who didn't get axed way too soon.  Seriously, though...Heroes is a lot like the Titanic - an impressive, expensive, and ultimately sinking wonder.

It's about damn time Ramamurthy got a new show.  And he better get shirtless and sweaty in this one too, otherwise you best believe someone will be gettin' an earful from Moi.


  1. adore him

  2. Mm-hm. *nods* Lawd have mercy.

  3. I heard it took a certain group of fans five years to realize this man was hawt! WTF?! Five years? He's clearly the sexiest man on that sorry show. His character is also a genius. I record the show specifically to by-pass any scenes in which he isn't featured.

    I have learned how to comment! Yea!

  4. It's about time I heard from you!!!!!

    Five years????? Was this "certain group of fans" blind?

    Sexiest on the show? Are you sure? James Kyson Lee seems to be giving him a run for his money, LOL!!!!

  5. I'm still fighting a nasty bout of cootie-ness and struggling to resume my net life! I still owe the blasian love story! I will post it as soon as my head clears up for more than 10 minutes at a time!! You're going to see me around here more often.

    James Kyson Lee! Ando! I hear you! I saw those abs of steel earlier. I have to keep remembering him quasi-naked...

    I'm not joking... five years!!!

    One more cultural note. If you want to find hot men like JKL in Japan, check out the firemen and fishermen. Strip'em naked... there are no words.

  6. Note to self: Check out firemen and fishermen from Japan.

  7. This man!!!! That smile! Goddamn he is sexy! I can't with Heroes. So glad that piece of shit is over with. It tanked immediately after Season 1.


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