Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #11: Oded Fehr

I first saw this man in The Mummy franchise.  I've since glimpsed him here and there, and elsewhere...but you always remember the time and place where you first fell for someone, you know?

Oded Fehr captured my heart while playing an Arab warrior descended from royal medjai.  In real life, he's Israeli.  In the films, he played a bad-ass.  In real life, he served in the Israeli Sea Corps for three years so...you know...bad-ass.

He's quadrilingual (is that even a word?) and has studied acting in England and Germany, but is now based in Los Angeles.  He's married with two kids, so we're just going to have to sigh wistfully and let him go.

Which is quite a shame...I mean, the hair, the lips, the voice, the eyes, the skin tone...he can have all the facial hair he wants and it will never bother me.

*wistful sigh*


  1. I take issue with your apparent pattern of sexualizing these male actors of color. What about his acting abilties? Must he be reduced to the physical??


    Ha ha, okay, not really. But did I bring you close to triggering there for a minute? All in fun =)

  2. Not really. I was just going to publish your comment, sit back, and invite female fans to rip you apart for me, darling. As you can see, some androphiles take their underappreciated actors of another color very seriously.

  3. *wistful sigh* with you

  4. Oh my gosh, Oded Fehr. *Fans self*

  5. I was soooo rooting for him and Ashanti to hook up in Resident Evil 3. Oh well, a girl can dream.

  6. @ electricafro

    Lawd, that woulda been hot.

  7. Mom and I agree that man is sexy beyond all reason.

  8. Apparently you have NOT been watching Covert Affairs. Oded makes his occasional appearances. He was also the moderator of the show at Comic Con a few weeks ago.

  9. hes my secind cousin my mother used to play with him as a child


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