Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #10: Lee Joon

Or Joon Lee...depending on where you're coming from.

If you've seen Ninja Assassin, then you might recognize Mr. Thang right here; he played the younger version of Raizo (sans all that hair, of course), and you know him as "Honey Abs" from MBLAQ.

His face is angelically luminous, rivaling that of even his own mentor Rain.  He displayed exceptional stamina and ability in Ninja Assassin (as he has in performance after performance after performance after performance with MBLAQ), and was willing to shave his head and learn a new language for his first major film role.  That's a lot to ask of a 22-year-old (and at the time he was 21).

As stated in interview, he didn't get to participate in the Ninja Assassin press conference, for which he was kinda sad.  And I'm kinda sad too, because it means less Joon footage.

Mr. Thang here is not an underappreciated musician, however, as you may have noticed (though I think "musician" is a bit too strong a term here), nevertheless I too hope he some day gets his chance to "take his top off" during a performance.

I think all androphiles would benefit from seeing some of that, you know?  The movie didn't count; he was all scarred and bloody.  *shakes head*  Smooth and sweaty please!!!  We have certain needs and requirements over here, thank you.

(You know...like this?  Is this too much to ask for?  'Cause if it is you can tell me...not that it'll make any difference).

Anyhoo, I'm not sure what projects he's got coming up, but the little sis has made it clear that if MBLAQ goes on tour in the US, I'm taking her to see him (she calls him her "husband").


  1. Laughing @ your lil sis. She has good taste. He did a very good job as teen aged Raizo. A very emotional and empathetic portrayal.

  2. *shakes head* My little sister is special.

  3. Why have I never seen this post?
    Angelically luminous is the way to describe him, he cannot take a bad photo. Looks gorgeous from every angel and very talented. He really knows how bring it when he performs.
    He is a drama called "Jungle Fish". I heard he was really good. I'm waiting for it to come on DramaFever.

    Your sister and I will Rock/Paper/Scissors over Joon.

  4. Your sister and I will Rock/Paper/Scissors over Joon.

    Bwahahahahah! I'mma let her know!


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